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I am new to this venue. Once upon I actually looked forward to trying something new like this, but I finally admitted to a friend I am turning into the old dog that can't learn new tricks. I am not so old I CAN'T learn them, but I am old enough it is not so easy any more.

My first adventure in online social media was back in 2006. I created a myspace account. The main reason was to keep in touch with my kids because they were definitely modern kids, and did not write letters and send them through the mail, no matter how much I begged them to. I decided I would try posting blogs hoping it would help me get back into creative writing, something I had been doing since the third grade. It didn't really hlep with that, but I did enjoy writing blogs. I spent a littel over 3 years blogging on myspace. Sadly they decided to reformat the whole web site. By the time I closed out my accoutns there I was averaging 1,500 views to my blogs a week, and had an accumulated view count of over 50,000. I had made a lot of friends there who all migrated to facebook when myspace screwed things up for the bloggers. I have been on FB since then.

Today a friend sent me the link to idw so I created an account, and am now making my first post. I am looking forward to this, though it will take me some time to learn how to work all the features.

KCSantiago 8 Sep 18

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You might find there are a lot of old farts who hang around here and speaking as one, it won't take long to find out who is and who isn't worth listening to. Welcome to the IDW, now get to work!

Good choice of words. Last night I joined this group Keep Out. It describes itself as "Group for Opinionated Old Farts who Prattle On Incessantly." I saw that and with Waldorf, and Statler in the profile image I felt like that was a group made with me specifically in mind.



Thank you.

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