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After a prolonged time of considerable thought I have initiated phase 2 of my Gofundme campaign.

To everyone who continues to share, support, donate & encourage, THANK YOU!

OneGodlessWoman 7 Sep 13

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Here is the pledge -

  1. Oppose any and all efforts to by islamist or similar extremist front groups, charities or
    other nefarious entities to influence, network or work within any political party and/or branch
    of any government within Canada.

  2. Alert and support the expulsion of any political party members, elected officials,
    government staff and media collaborators engaged in coordinated political entryism by
    islamist front groups, their charities or allied entities listed on terrorist watch lists by the
    following countries. Canada, The United States of America, The United Arab Emirates, Israel,
    India, Singapore & The United Kingdom.

I would suggest that item 2 is the responsibility of the Canadian voters and not their elected officials.

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