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iThink 9 Jan 19

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I'm terribly offended by this unwarranted post, for some other reason not listed above. That reason being, I'm an insomniac Type 1 Diabetic, and your post here caused my blood sugar to suddenly drop to an unsafe level, and now I'm bummed out. The sudden low blood sugar episode caused a cascade of other consequences...

My cat spontaneously combusted and burst into flames which was scary for me to watch, and my microwave oven all of a sudden just blew up, and because of that I cannot prepare alot of the foods in my house and so my teeth all rotted and fell out, just to name a few bad things that happened to me because of your post above. Hope you're happy with yourself, St. Patrick's Day is going to be depressing for me this year now...

By the way, that was another problem I have that wasn't listed above, I'm not even Irish yet St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, mocking me endlessly. Indeed, life just isn't fair!


We had something similar to this at work, posted on the bulletin board for least 5.Then some young little flake was hired and said something to HR. It was then removed. These kids have no sense of humor.

I bet you know more than a few who would check every box under "Reason for Butt Hurt". I know I do.

I'm glad I'm retired. My mind would explode if I had to deal with today's workplace. My kids share enough horror stories.

@coalburned I hear ya...I get the...Sorry but we're not as stoic as you! Geeeez

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