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Bolsonaro, Lula headed to runoff after tight Brazil election

Bolsonaro told reporters in capital city Brasilia that he understood there was “a desire for change” among the population, hard hit by the economic crisis and high inflation. “But certain changes can be for the worse”…

He added that his party’s good results in Congress – it won the most seats – could bring fresh support ahead of the Oct. 30 vote…

Carlos Melo, a political science professor at Insper University in Sao Paulo, said: “It is too soon to go too deep, but this election shows Bolsonaro’s victory in 2018 was not a hiccup”…

[Bolsonaro] has built a devoted base by defending conservative values, rebuffing political correctness and presenting himself as protecting the nation from leftist policies that he says infringe on personal liberties and produce economic turmoil….


Garsco 8 Oct 3

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Bolsonaro certainly promoted gun rights for all, which was quite a different course than what Brazil had been used to for so long.


If enough voters show up, there isn't enough cheating in the world to defeat the people.


Another major election steal by the left


It is showing that the world is waking up to the Marxist ideology that has been taking away their freedoms and liberty.


Let's hope Bolsa crushes the Marxists again!

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