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The background stuff is what I love and makes the song mean more. Glenn Frey was amazing, we lost a music treasure.

HerrDarkAgain 7 Aug 20

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Here is the song

I don't remember ever seeing this video before. Its ok - it works but it is a long departure from the images I made up in my own mind while listening to the song.
I find that happened a lot back in early 80s when "music video" was just getting started.
As time went on the video creators/directors began to get pretty creative making vids that fit very well with a particular song.
One that immediately comes to mind would be "Material Girl" by Madonna. I'm sure Madonna was the creative video genius who made excellent vids to almost all of her songs over the years.
Glen Fry although an excellent singer songwriter and entertainer doesn't strike me as very creative with making video content. Not to put Glen Fry down at all. His music speaks well for itself.

@iThink The idea/concept of the music video was new to a lot of American performers, but in the UK and parts of Europe it was an old shoe, that is why so many British acts were shown on MTV and eventually were called the Second British Invasion, Americans were playing catch-up and many directors of the early American music videos were British.
If you released a single there had to be a video to go with it, even though no money was made directly from the video, record companies used it more for marketing than anything.

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