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Say no to vaccines!

Im a momma to be soon and just trying to find some other momma’s that do not vaccinate their children or ones that have unfortunately been affected by vaccine injury to have more conversations with because lots of these topics get banned or blocked from main stream social platforms and makes it so hard to find a group that talks about topics and shares information on all of that!

Inaneandinsane 4 Aug 2

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Welcome aboard Slug! And congratulations! 😊


Vaccines are to be weighed by the individual. I am not totally anti-vax. However I don't think Mrna's are vaccines. The risks and benefits must always be weighed. Sometimes a doctor may honestly think the risks for you specifically are too high. (Hahaha - Has that ever happened?) Anyway, we have determined that it is not truthful to say the Mrna vaccines are "safe and effective".

I am not a momma or soon to be momma but hope you find some here to have a good conversation with.

There is a lady I follow on my period tracker/pregnancy app and her baby was given the pneumococcal injection (The pneumococcal shot, Prevnar by Pfizer, has reported many instances of “burns”. It is given as a standard CDC & FDA approved vaccine at 4 months.) and was actually one of the many who experienced a vaccine reaction. Her baby ended up with High Toxicity levels from the heavy metals that are in the vaccine…

So when I talk about vaccines not being safe I think about this women and her baby, as well as the many others who have been silenced since the 1990’s as well as all the others from doing research of vaccines for almost 6+ years…

mRNA is not just the only kinds that are “dangerous” they all vary from a huge list of poisoning that we really ought to be looking into.

Especially if they contain chemicals like Formaldehyde and Aluminum as well as Mercury…

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