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The homicide rate in the U.S. is by far the highest of any Western industrialized country. Which of the following explanations for this is correct:

Americans are more violent by nature
Americans are more stupid / they lack self-control
It is an old American tradition to kill other people
There are too many guns in the hands of mentally deranged men
Pure coincidence
Any other explanation?

Matias66 5 May 25

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I don't see how you people conflate the abortion issue with gun control. Apples and Oranges.
Personally I don't look at a woman as an incubator with no rights. I think there are many reasons a woman should be allowed to have an abortion.
But back on topic guns... we have gun control in Australia... it is not perfect criminals still kill people and people still commit suicide... but it is nowhere near the epic proportions it is in America.
As for your 2nd amendment... it is out of date and written for another time and another society.
I'm pretty sure there are solutions to your problem. But the main problem is no one in authority seems to want to discuss or come up with them.
Time for a Constitutional amendment btw...


More people die in the US due to doctors making mistakes than are killed by guns.
More people are killed by drunk driving, suicides, and similar numbers are killed with knives and other weapons.

So guns are only a minor cause.
And it is a direct result of freedom.
And it is also that freedom that is causing high homocide rates.

What do you want ? A strict society where freedoms are restricted but you are safe.
Or a riskier environment but less government control and freedom?
It is a balancing act.

That makes sense.
Those people shot by mentally disturbed men are the price Americans are willing to pay to live in freedom.
But if a young man can freely choose to buy a soldier's equiment in order to go on a killing spree, why shouldn't a woman freely choose to gestate a fetus or not?
Why is human life only sacred as long as it is still in the womb, but once it is born, the death of children is the price you are willing to pay for your freedom?
THAT does not make sense.
Either Freedom is the supreme value for ALL citizens, or freedom is conditional and can be restricted if the life of human beings is in danger.

(BTW: We here in Europe are living in freedom too. The only freedom ordinary citizens do not have is buying weapons only policemen, soldiers or hunters need. No, even hunters do not need assault rifles...)


Those are related but seperate issues.
Like I said it is a balancing act and there are no simple answers.

I don’t agree that civilians should be allowed to arm themselves for mass murder… however I strongly support the right to bear arms.

I strongly support medical abortions however I strongly oppose the murder of the unborn because people refuse to take personal responsibility.

Now what “medical abortion” mean and what “personal responsibility” mean is a very large and complex discussion..


As opposed to the previous commenters who think the problem is "blacks" or "immorality of the woke", the real issue is a culture thats sees "guns" as a personality and think any modicum of regulation is a bridge too far. They pass laws saying we can't even research what causes rampant gun violence. They think any attempt to help with mental illness or poverty or any contributing factor to crime is "Communism" and the solution is just trigger happy cops and for-profit jail systems which create repeat offenders. They see murdered children as just the price of freedom, and will always say "now is not the time to talk about solutions" and send their "thoughts and prayers" before going back to their rhetoric about how the opposite side of the political spectrum is evil and trying to replace you and enslave you and kill you and must be stopped at all costs.

AT LEAST 276 kids 16 and under have been shot in Chicago since 2021 []
All in black and brown neighborhoods,
48 people were shot this past weekend, 6 died… You guessed it… all in black and brown neighborhoods. All in just one city.

False, we think that your proposed and carried out attempts to help with mental illness, poverty, or any other contributing factor to crime are communism. But not just communism. They don't work. Clearly, since we're still having this conversation. We have plenty of ideas, but you guys never really ask. Because they would require undoing most of what you've already done first. Which is a priori racist nazism in your book. Conversation over. Maybe if you guys win more and just keep chucking money at it, something will change. But I doubt it and am actually counting on the opposite. Dems have my vote. But only because they've driven en me to accellerationism.

@JordanMiller your idea of helping with mental illness and poverty and crime: enforce Christian theocracy and make everyone believe in Jesus or die.

@JacksonNought again, false. And comical. You don't want to know my ideas. But it doesn't matter. You don't have to win this argument to get my vote. Like I insinuated, LETS BURN THIS MOTHER FUCKER DOWN BABY! Preferably before my oldest is 18. I'll fight, but I'd rather he not have to. You ideas seem to be helping. Keep it up!


"we think that your proposed and carried out attempts to help with mental illness, poverty, or any other contributing factor to crime are communism"

"Conversation over."

And you think I don't want to get to know your ideas. Again, the NRA successfully lobbied the government to ban even studying the cause of gun deaths (, yet apparently the Left is crazy and refuses to hear people out. Yeah, right.

Maybe it is hard to listen to the Right when any word out of a Leftist's mouth is shouted down as radical Communism, or the Left are painted as Satanic grooming cannibals who want your White children to feel bad about their heritage. Maybe it is easy to paint the Right in this way when you have Republicans like Trump and Cruz quite literally speaking at an NRA event in Texas days after a Texas elementary school shooting, and when every Republican in Congress refuses to even talk about doing anything other than "thoughts and prayers" after every event, and when the Right likes to blame rap music and violent video games (which have been studied and debunked as causing people to kill) and quite literally claim it's because we "took god out of school" and then want to give teachers guns when they don't even trust them with books.

So go ahead, what are your ideas? What are the solid planned out ideas from members of the Right? And not "bring bad god and Christianity" and not "good guy with a gun" because those have also been shown not to work.

I'm listening.


This is an excellent question and one that is asked every time a mass shooting happens. Easy answers are pointless.

One wonders about the general level of anger and hate being promoted by politicians, media, etc. But despite that, why some people go on a murderous rampage and others don't is a question to be answered.

And to politicians who immediately turn these things into a political issue, shame on you! Have some compassion for those left behind and spare us your opinions!

Maybe instead of reversing Roe or banning abortion, we should just offer "thoughts and prayers" for aborted babies?

@JacksonNought Why nought do both?


Americans own millions of guns, mostly for hunting and sport and are responsible gun owners. It’s the thugs and gangsters in the inner city that are violent by nature. Mostly it involves blacks and the illegal drug trade.

And wherever prosecutors are quick to release violent offenders on low or no bond, you’ll find that crime rates, including murder rates, soar.

@GaryWitt Exactly!


The immorality of the woke has spread throughout the culture, from the attacks against the family, more "out of wedlock" children, and the infiltration of deranged, immoral, sexual fornications being even taught to children in an effort to normalize the deviancy. Not to mention the devaluation of human life by making child killing "legal" has removed the sanctity that used to be bestowed on human life. Cold

all this is also true for European countries (maybe even more so!) , but their homicide rates are much lower

@Matias66 Are you saying then, that Europeans respect life more than Americans?


God was kicked out of our lives (out of schools, out of the public square, out of interpersonal exchanges, etc...) when we chose to deify “self”.

That cannot be a good explanation, given that European countries are much more godless and secular than the US, but their homicide rate is much lower... The French and Germans etc... too deify their "self"

@Matias66 From my experience with Western Europe and the USA I’ve noticed that Europe, as you stated, is secular. The difference is that the USA isn’t secular nor is it theistic; they either love God or they hate him and seek to drive Him out. They have fought vehemently against our founding fathers’ dependence on Him and the fact that our constitution and founding documents depend upon His authority over our personal preferences.
As a relatively new country, the US is suffering from an identity crisis and a split personality. We were established as a Christian society that believed in our creator’s authority over our lives. Now that we have almost completely banned God from consideration in any issue of American life, we have no common ground. Without God in our lives most people have surrendered to the idea that there is no right or wrong, no good nor bad, etc... every man just does what is right in his own eyes and whoever can obtain the most power (by any means) wins. Look at the black lives matters lies, the Russian scandals in the elections, the voting machine tampering, the liberal media lies, the cancel culture, etc...

Western Europe may be secular, but they have been that way for hundreds of years with a gradual movement in that direction they were successful in killing spiritual leadership before the current inter connectivity.

Either the USA will survive or they’ll perish. But it’s a different situation from that of the well established nations in Western Europe.


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