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I keep seeing the same theme across social media: A want for a second civil war.
This is dumb. You don't want this. And even if your side wins; you can be killed, your family can get killed. And if you survive, you won't be the same. Everyone stop being so fucking dumb, like you could actually pick up a gun and go kill your fellow countrymen. prison scares most people, so you really think you want war? This is a dumb emotional reaction. Stop and think, dammit!

The_Farseer 6 Apr 24

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Just my two cents worth, but the underlying civil war argument is really based on the assumption that fascism will come into play and thus the need to physically end it. The problem is that "both sides" blame the rise in support of fascism on the other guy. Gun control groups push their agenda of stricter control or even the elimination of private ownership through the exercise of force by the government, which they seek to control. Gun owner groups seek to keep their weapons and buy more if they wish and that the government has no business trying to abridge that constitutional freedom. Social advocacy groups push for more government social programs that do little but create a dependent population of recipients. And so it goes, each group believes in the rightness of its cause to the point that many groups want their beliefs forced on others for the good of the country. So while many of us have decided to hunker down and disassociate ourselves from the more extreme groups, there are more than enough people out there that want to change how the country is run and not a few believe it should be done by any means necessary. These individuals howl about moral actions and yet fail to see that their own sense of morality is a figment of their imagination. Most of this howling in the wind is being done in urban centers of the country and that is where violent conflict, if any, will occur. It will not come to a small town near you. Very little of it will get out to the rings of suburbs.

I see it as a trap the establishment is setting to establish martial law and confiscate all guns. That is when it gets really bad. That is when the suburbs will be in trouble


I don't think anyone is truly advocating for civil war. A few extremist of this strain or that may hope for one but only because they've likely never had to in a kill or be killed stitution. I for one doubt the insanity on the left last much longer than 10-12 years. The world will beat the foolishness out of the college age kids and the more dedicated leftist will go to ground and wait for the next crop of dummies to come along.

I like the thought that attrition will eventually weed out certain philosophies that don’t have historical roots and perspective. Just as it’s assumed racist attitudes and behaviors will eventually die off (I think that’s already largely happened), will this insane leftist nonsense we are seeing by Dem presidential candidates eventually die off too? Or are we on a path that will eliminate thought from historical perspective?

@Garsco I don't know. I can't even believe these morons have any supporters. It's mind boggling if you think about it.


Unity? anyone out there understand this is a must?

Unity is not a must. Tolerance is a must.

@jwhitten you can not have one without the other

@Gerri4321 Again I respectfully disagree. Tolerance is the art of accepting the existence of differing opinions and values without coming to blows, as would be required under the doctrine of 'unity'.

@jwhitten I maybe misunderstanding the defintion of the word Unity huh?

@Gerri4321 In my view, 'Unity' requires 'sameness' which implies agreement. 'Tolerance', on the other hand, recognizes that disagreement exists and thus does not require 'sameness' but rather simply a protocol to permit people who disagree to remain amicable despite their differences.

@jwhitten Tolerance is condescending. What's wrong with unity?

@The_Farseer Are you going to bow to my god?

@jwhitten never admit I MAY be wrong but never do I bow to anyone but the big guy in the big house HEAVEN

@Gerri4321 See, that's the problem with Unity.

@jwhitten I disagree my grandfather was mafia they would unite to murder a lesser and go their seperate ways once biss. Was done

@Gerri4321 That's not Uniting. That's Tolerance. A temporary peace agreement at best. After they did the deed, did they continue to be United?

@jwhitten Who is your God? The God of Israel? Already do that

@jwhitten That's not unity, that's homogeneity

@The_Farseer Actually I didn't specify. Let's simply assume that my god isn't your god. What now. Are you going to practice Unity and bow down to my god, or tolerance and simply not sweat it when I do?

@The_Farseer I'm guessing your granddad wouldn't have appreciated being called 'homogeneous'... 😉


A civil war would be devastating. Anyone that advocates it is doing so because they can't persuade people with reason so they want to do it with force. Whether it's SJWs, white supremacists, religious fanatics, etc., the one thing they have in common is they are extremists. They are loud but, they aren't numerous. That said, in this climate, you're not likely to make much headway on gun control. The rest of us are looking around at the nut cases and buying more ammo.

@EdNason Agreed but, they think that every white person is really in their camp. So, does a lot of the news media. 🙂


I agree that advocating for a war is a pretty dumb idea, unless one has stock in a munitions plant or tank-building facility... but many people are simply pointing out that things are becoming extremely polarized in much the same fashion and degree as in the lead-up to the (1st) civil war. Advocating and prognosticating are two different things. Also, it's been my observation that wars are rarely ever civil.

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