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I have a question concerning the Muslim belief and I am hoping One Godless Woman you might see this and beable to explain it to me. Of course anyone that has the answer I would appreciate it. I understand that in the religion homosexuality is against the law. What I do not understand is what they are considering as homosexuality? I ask this because I have seen too many videos of young boys being raped by older Muslim men or being sold for such acts. I have seen documentaries one in particular was of an over weight young man that left Britain I think. He went to go and fight with ISIS. He explained that he was tied up and used sexually by the other members. Sometimes they would make him wear lip stick and dresses. They would also torture him with no food and water. It seems to me that it is not the act that upsets the Muslims but more the fact gay men fall in love and actually care about another man. Is there a difference in what constitutes an act of homosexuality or is it not wrong when fighting?

Karma-Fride 5 Apr 24

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The misconception I thnk you have is this being seen as homosexuality. What it is grooming, abusing, controlling, the people not only the men but the women. (What is a mother's worst fear?) His accounts of abuse are true. If the men contracts a STD it is not the man that is at fault, it is the other and choosen other to place blame on, again fear is control. Not all but many Muslims hold true to the prophet Mahammud, Iman Twaihi calls him and many who follow him out as extremists terrorist evil they are. There is a group here or you can find him on you tube FB, Twitter, he does get banned a lot for this he is considered far-rightwing he say's there is only one wing human wing.

Thank you

@Karma-Fride anytime that's what we are here for

Yes, I think you are closer to the truth. To put it more crassly, we're talking about a stiff woody versus a warm hole. There is no real "sexuality" being exhibited here apart from the base mechanical element and rather it's really about corruption and power for the sake of power. In other words, pure evil. Regardless of the gender.

@jwhitten yes sadly this is the case, and must be understood as such. Power/control by any means is a win for the one who wants it.

@Gerri4321 I would personally dispute the word 'win' in conjunction with any aspect of that-- but I agree with you.

@jwhitten well to them that is what it is to us it is a crime

@Gerri4321 What I meant more was that their soul is eaten away bit by bit in doing the deed. You cannot rob someone else of their humanity without losing a bit of your own in the process. But that may be drifting away from the subject.

@jwhitten souls are sold to Satan not drifting at all

I really appreciate the input. This was bothering me for so long because it made no sense but than alot of what the Muslim religion teaches makes no sense to me.

@Karma-Fride it is very hard to understand when you try to think about it. Look at it this way. take any book have 10 people read it. Have them translate the book in writting back to you. All are going to be somewhat the same but different. The bible great example. The Koran is no different. Many different spellings as well. I have read a Qaraon but did I read the Qur'an understand better?


Someone else may be able to explain it more succinctly-- but it's my understanding that in such cases the one with the phallus doing the penetrating is not committing a homosexual act (though this may be a matter of interpretation and perhaps other situational factors) while the one engaged in the receiving is the one who is disgracing Allah-- or whomever. And I suspect that it is ultimately rooted in the issue, or at least the appearance of, submission.

Thank you that makes sense. It kind of goes along with the fact having sex with the sheep is ok if you pray and kill it afterwards.

@Karma-Fride Sheep lie 😉

@jwhitten good one 🙂

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