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Known as Bob the Builder, he is a regular speaker in Speakers Corner in London & an academic re religion. Despite his academia the Moslems that go there, still try & dispute him based on the fact that they are brainwashed. Taqiyya Watch generally makes short videos & are very well put together!

happygolucky666 5 Apr 23

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It is past time time. I feel like we are where the world was when the jews and all those deemed undesirable were being slaughtered by Nazis. Are we such sheep that we cannot demand our politicians take action. Its outrageous and the silence from so called leaders is deafening! Where are the heros?

The only way to demand our politicians take action will be to Vote in a different party, in my case it will be UKIP in the UK. Labour & Tories are total traitors & will do nothing for the people! As for the heros, indeed, we have Tommy & a small variety of other truth tellers, all of whom the Corrupt Govt are desperately trying to shut down! We must not give up!

@happygolucky666 I wish you Poms would fight back. Your young girls being pimped by Muslims, the Police not doing anything, the No go Zones, Sharia Law etc etc Enough!

@Tanya What saddens me so much over here is that the MAJORITY of the general public only read/watch the Lying Left Wing MSM & are not aware of the Real Truth! I converse with people daily, 99% have not even heard of Tommy Robinson & other Truth Tellers. The majority of people i speak with don't look for alternative information. They are that stupid that they just believe what they are told on MSM. When i state facts such as GB has suffered 98% Islamic terrorism since 1995, they look at me as if, what is she talking about! They will all have known of some of the attacks but they are selfish & very quick to forget, no doubt on the premise, that they will not be affected! It is indeed very worrying!

@happygolucky666 ours are useless too. We need more Tommy Robinsons, more Bob the Builders and more courage to speak up and cry out on what is going on!

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