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I was a cultural centrist for my entire adult life. From 2001 to now. My views aren't really that different now from then. As a combat veteran I have a pretty good reason to be distrustful of Islam but, hey who isn't? Now thanks to the Identity Wars, that my family values of patriotism, brotherhood and self-sacrifice in the face of that which I deem to be evil that I may be granted the strength to defend my home, defeat my enemies and destroy those who would harm our Republic. Nice to meet you all. Cant wait for some great conversations!

NineBucks 3 Apr 18

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Welcome to IDW. Thank you for your service.


After nearly 40 years we have just moved from an area that over the last 10 years had become rife with cultural enrichment due to government implanting 'refugees'.
Some are the nicest while the majority of those that join the gangs are just plain nasty.
I do not care about race, colour or religion.
If a person is nice that suits me HOWEVER the recent batch of Sudanese (many are Muslim) have created an enclave that has destroyed the area.
One well educated Sudanese lass described many in her area as ''not nice people''.
When they go 'shopping' at the Supermarket the gang splits up and there are two in each isle stuffing their pockets and they walk out en masse laughing.
One small shop keeper was fed up and pasted the notice (see attached).
The cops could not protect him and made him take it down.
We moved out of the area and we are glad we did so.


Nice to meet you, I always like getting the thoughts on Islam from those that have served or were once Muslim. Thank you for serving also.


(You didn't go for "NineBuckos" ? This site is big on Peterson.) 🙂

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