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Sad news...the Historic Cathedral of Notre Dame is on fire. The Cathedral, which took 300 years to complete and is almost 1000 years old, was undergoing a 6.8 million dollar renovation. This is a sad day for France. A massive fire thats cause is yet unknown burning in one of Paris's most cherished landmarks. French Fire Fighters are battling the blaze.


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Symbol of white people. Rebuild it into something more multicultural.

There is no 'rebuilding' of a 800 year old cathedral...but I do get your meaning smile009.gif

I'm from rural Nova Scotia, Canada and my priest is a French black African. "Catholic" means "all peoples".


I'm so saddened by the news on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. What an awful thing!


Besides the amazing building itself, there was lots of art , gems and jewelry on display in that cathedral. I hope at least some was saved. Visited many years ago, when I was in college.


I am reluctant to speculate as to who might ultimately turn out to be responsible for this travesty. So I will just make this observation: Somewhere, just as during the collapse of the World Trade Centers, someone is saying, "Allahu akbar!"

Yes, who needs Easter! Already French officials are saying, they don't think it was arson, or terrorism, as if we didn't see that statement coming. Talking of coming, the fire engines didn't get there for 2 hours said one report out of France....the tourists and small bridges given as a reason.

@purdyday Yeah, it's amazing how they can know for a certainty that it wasn't terrorism long before the fire has been put out or any investigator has set foot in the building.

@Wordmage yeah, national suicide seems to be a thing there. Or maybe its like a massive Jim Jones cult mentality, dans la bonne noir.


Small consolation I but something at least, 16 statues of the apostles were airlifted out of Notre Dame Cathedral 4/11/2019.


I wonder if they start build a mosque near it

Ktpie Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

Sad to see a beacon of christianity disappear from Paris... my question is... is this "accident" by design.....?!


Irreplaceable burned down during renovation, seems to happen quite a lot, let the cowboy builders in, et voila, c'est toute!

DrN1 Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

OMG, this is terrible. What a loss to the French people and France's history, they must be devastated!


My wife and I took the Chunnel from London to Paris just to see the cathedral. Great day and remarkable place. So sad such an important piece of history has been damaged.

Demere Level 6 Apr 15, 2019
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