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Everyone has strong opinions about building the wall, which is fine to an extent. But does anyone have any solutions they think will better this country AND create an ability for others to come to the USA legally? Is there a way to have the best of both worlds: safety for the citizens and legal immigrants in this country and openness to outsiders who want to come and be a part of this great country?

By LaylaLee225
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Yes, stop honoring all unconstitutional laws & federally enforce legit ones like they once did, and States requiring Citizenship for all inhabitants.

TommyB Level 7 Apr 17, 2019

I’m not an American but It would be stupid in the extreme not to stop these people and seems like this is the obvious solution- Are there checkpoints along this wall, legit immigration entry points?


Well, we’re quite far past a point of no return it seems. Our nation has to first come to terms with its addiction to the welfare state, the income tax, and the federal reserve monetary system. The incentives for abuse and corruption a far to great. As de Tocqueville pointed out, we’ve succumbed to politicians getting elected to, and remaining in place, based on their ability to purchase votes using government largess. This has been going on since the onset of the progressive era, over a hundred years of incremental incentives to give up liberty.

Agreed. Definitely an up hill battle.


Yes. You secure the borders, and then make the legal ports of entry welcoming while streamlining and simplifying the legal application process.


You want to stop illegal immigration? A wall isn't necessary or all that effective. Best method would be to crack down on the employers hiring illegals. Expand the ammount of temporary seasonal visas for certain industries that struggle to find american workers and crack down hard on just a few major employers of illegals and the problem will solve itself in a few years

Do it all. Walls work a well in certain terrain. Giving employers consequences. Drones, dieigibles, microphones these are things already in use.

@Uncadunc No reason to do anything else. Nobody is gonna come here if they can't work. Not to mention, fining employers is also the only method that doesn't cost money, it makes money


The United States already takes in more LEGAL immigrants than any other country on the planet by a large percentage.


Well I have looked at the plan the Trump proposed and it was pretty comprehensive.
It is not just about a wall never has been. The wall is just the most effective part to start with. It will help reduce the numbers to deal with in the first place.
I hear the other day that another 800 judges are being assigned to get thru all these asylum claims. And even with these extra judges it is still going to be years to handle this problem.

Think about it 100,000. Illegal imigrants in 1 month. Held for 20 days if that and released in the USA..
Thats the size of the city i live in Tracy.Ca.

  1. Require politicians who oppose the wall to live right on the border-- without walls.

  2. Remove money and financial influence from politics.

  3. Get rid of 'Corporations are People' laws. They're not and they deeply pervert the process.

  4. Institute a five-year ban on holding office and going to work for any organization that lobbied your office.

  5. Pay politicians the median wage of their constituents and require them to use the same types of insurance policies, send their kids to the same schools, drive the same cars and have available the same methods of personal protection. When their constituents thrive and flourish, they will prosper right along with them.

  6. Institute policies that incentivize companies to invest and give back to local communities.

  7. Root out and boot out corrupt, dishonest, gold-bricking, enfeebled and inept politicians.

  8. Discover the secret to making $20-50-100 million dollars on a $140,000 / year salary and teach it in public schools.

  9. Scale back the H1B Visa Program and require U.S. companies to hire United States citizens with few exemptions.

  10. Spend more on NASA and other space-related programs with the goal of getting humans out into space.

  11. Create a 'Tax Lottery' system and hand out a few random "Millionaire Jackpots" in each State with the Proviso that taxes have to be filed and paid in order to win. Sprinkle some of that tax money around to new places and see what can be done with it.

  12. Revamp the broken Intellectual Property and Patent systems so that they reward and protect the actual creators.

  13. Make it easier for people to have access to capital and knowledge resources to start companies and become entrepreneurs.

#8 rocks.
Personally I'd be pretty thrilled with just the 140K per year.

I like your thinking


Annex California from the US and build wall inside of them! Will fix all the problems!

UgoT Level 4 Apr 16, 2019

Did you know we already allow over a million to legally immigrate every single year?


Build that Wall


I’m a states rights guy no doubt, but boarders and immigration (legal or illegal) is not a state’s rights issue. Therefore this should be 100% federal and ban sanctuary cities!


I wish the US would build a wall on the 49th paralell. Im sick and tired of illegals coming across at this huge unprotected border.


You talk as if there is no way for people to legally immigrate. I encourage you to scrutinize that belief.

Umm no? I am asking questions and tasting what people have to say. I'm not blaming anyone, accusing anyone or stating my own opinions in this post. No need to challenge me about my beliefs

@LaylaLee22 Your original post said "create an ability for others to come to the USA legally?

That already exists, so why does it need to be created?

@jneedler context is key. That wasn't my while statement.

@LaylaLee22 I took your question literally. Please forgive my misunderstanding if you didn't intend to imply that there currently is no legal immigration system. I have run into people that believe the craziest things (cough, flat earthers, cough), so I try and take people literally, rather than assume they meant something else.

If you didn't mean 'create' an ability for people to immigrate legally, then did you mean 'increase'? Because I don't see how building a wall prevents, or in any way affects the existing ability to immigrate legally.

@jneedler it's always better to ask than accuse. I was not saying there's no legal immigration system, I am asking is people have any ways to make our current system better.

The statement you took earlier was only half of my question and if you only look at that, it would look like you took it. I'm saying to ask the people who are complaining, is there a better way to
1.) Better this country while keeping citizens safe
AND at the same time
2.) Create an open bother to those who are legally trying to come here and become citizens...And I see why you got confused, I should have said create a better system than the current one.

My original wording was meant to say basically if you were creating your own system, how would you do both of those but I might have lost myself in my words. Sorry for my miscommunication.

Does that make it any less crazy sounding?

And what's crazy about know the Earth is flat...I couldn't even finish typing that, yeah, those people are just ignoring reality. Ha ha ha


The wall doesn't preclude legal immigration any more than your front door precludes you from having visitors. The wall isn't about legal immigration. Different topic. The wall is about illegal immigration.


I have learned in the last few years that if I want a better answer I need to ask better questions. I think you are starting to ask a better question, one that we all should answer. While I am not convinced that the powers that be would ever take reasonable or rational steps toward that direction that does not preclude that we have a civil discussion on the matter in the hope that day we see something positive come of it.

My parents are in their 80's and have such a simple view of immigration that it kind of makes sense to me. When my great grandmother came to America she needed to have a job already, someone that would vouch for her personally, and a place to live already secure. If she had these three things already arranged and accounted for she was welcomed with open arms and even given an America name. She took that name with such pride that from that day forward she never uttered her birth name again, we only found out her birth name by digging through old marriage certificates from her home country.

Perhaps it was a different time, something that can never be recaptured again, however I would like to think that if these type of steps were in place again that it might make things easier again. The down side for many is that enforcement would have to be done and that might seem distasteful, but a necessary evil to ensure abuse of the system was not done. So perhaps finger prints, and DNA are gathered from prospects and if you can stay away from committing a violent felony for a year then your stored data will be removed after you pay your first taxes on income?

This would also mean that all immigrants would be tracked this way and we would know if you have been deported before; teeth would have to be added to this for violators. I am not sure that would be a price the people would be willing to pay however it would seem to be a good step in the right direction and one that would ease up the immediate concerns at the border.

That’s a good concept, though we may not be able to get there (again) as a country, but a good place to start a comprise.

DNA - I don’t trust the destruction as you suggested, but finger prints for sure! And remain on file.

I think longer than a year, maybe two would be better. But in the meantime I’d suggest issuing migrant work visas. They can come and go, we collect appropriate taxes and no access to citizenship privileges (voting, welfare, etc) till full citizen.


Well, chinas kinda got the right idea, if you really wanna fix this, the right to privacy is really the legal blockage, the idea of a New World Order, or no borders necessary, is the idealogical blockage, and the fact that they could just operate based on goods bartering is the physical blockage, of removing all illegal immigrants. the wall is just a symbol, one that is and allways was going to be used to keep people in more than out, after it was built. the problem is, immigration is not the only problem, and the cause is much,much larger than just a bunch of brown people in your garden. i mean, imagine if you didnt have a garden, and the earth itself was on life support. when someone starts running away from something like theres a knife wielding maniac, either you turn in and pull your weapon, or you turn out and run for your life. climate change is the knife wielding maniac. wygd


Really depends on if you believe America has the right to stay a single Nation or should follow the push for Global Government ( NWO)
I think all imigration should be halted till we build the country back stronger and better and as many migrants here that are legal or can become legal do so asimulate and then get stable work ect. Then reconsider the imagration politics.


The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 is a good stating point. []


We already let in 1.5 million legal immigrants each year how many more were you looking to let in. Remember we are already number 1 in the world with the number of people we let in legally.

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