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This website is attracting a lot of people who just seem hurt and scared because of SJW injustice, i see this issue of "fearful venting" as a "cultural fulcrom point" where we can tip the odds in the favor of intellectual reasoning and real justice, but its going to take some dedicated people to calm people down, assure them that the fires of war will not consume them if they have the will to resist the heat.

who here still has a cool head and a steady hand, and is willing to administer the medicine of courage to speak your mind and resistance to the urge to panic?

By SpearCypher5
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I've seen too much. I don't panic. Ever. Least of all over differences of opinion.

Once the venting is over, healing can begin.

There has to be a venting. Too long people have been crushed by political correctness. I saw this playing out since the late 90s. Those who railed against it were silenced.

Now, the game is broken. Voices are being found.

But it's on us to make sure that each of us do our very best to speak the truth. If not truth, at least try not to lie.

Chasing those two things will ensure that there will be an existing good. It doesn't have to be popular. It doesn't have to be loud. The sound will drift toward the truth, and one becomes many. Those many will rise as leaders of thought. So when everyone's done suffering their social PTSD breakdown, and start looking for stability, those voices and the knowledge they have imparted will still be there. Strong. True. Solid.

see? everyone look at this guy, he knows that the battle is not over (first that its happening to begin with) like a buttefly, we will live again.


I find it very interesting how you phrase your question so that whoever doesn’t jump on board, is implied to be a hotheaded coward. If you want to attract intelligent people to your idea, it would serve you best to avoid such manoeuvres. I don’t care who says they’re correct; if they try to manipulate me, they are my enemy.

That being said, could you elaborate a little more on what it exactly is that you’re proposing?

lol what? i havent even read your entire comment yet h/o

i proposing giving people a place to vent their concerns for the future, where there are professional responders on hand to handle the utter panic and heal the wounds of the war on Social justice, caused by these crazy people that everyone is complaining about

essentially im proposing we actually do something about the way the entire world seems to be disintegrateing away from each other

on a fourth relevant topic, i can't believe you thought i was intentionally bottlenecking you like some kind of dnd campaign. are you just paranoid or is there actually people out there that do that?

When you offer a false dichotomy for the reader to choose from, it’s nothing less than a weak linguistic tactic designed to control the narrative. It is a widely used tactic in msm and politics. You provided a perfect second example with your last comment. So I’m clearly not paranoid in this case.

You used tons of adjectives when I asked you to explain what you meant. But I still don’t know exactly what you’re proposing. Lots of virtue signalling though; which I suppose works well on the masses. But you seemed to try to appeal to intellectuals... who by definition place more value on logic, rather than emotion-inducing pontifications. This is a tactic used by deceivers.

Maybe you don’t have malicious intent, which I hope is true. But from the readers point of view, you’re either a deceiver or a fool who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Either way, there’s no reason for anyone to want to sign on with your idea — whatever it is — unless that person enjoys making decisions a based on emotion alone.

You might think I’m attacking you, I presume, since that’s how emotional people often respond to logic. I mean no offence though! I’m just trying to help you express your idea in a way that allows us to understand what you mean.

Any more veiled insults disguised as false dichotomy will not be met with diplomacy. That’s twice now, whereas I’ve tried to remain clear and respectful.

@CanuckAmok wack, i didnt even mean to do that. i guess im just a benevolent deciever by nature XD also, you totally are trying to insinuate that im stupid and emotional with all ur fency wurds

@SpearCypher this is why no one listens to the left. You’re jerks. Good job failing lololol

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