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I noticed some people on the left stating they are pushing for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) -

OK. Let's do just that. Let's push for exact equal rights under the law for all people.

DO those victim mentality rights people realize just how screwed they'd be? (Looking squarely at you #pattyarquette )

IF (as we already ARE) equal under the law, then all of the special quotas and extras for "minorities" goes away. ALL of it. NO favors for women. None for Blacks or Hispanics. None for LBGTQ ABCDEFG.

Treat them all the same in the eyes of the Law. As it should be.

Ya'll just be standing there when I'll be over here laughing at you and saying "Told Ya So!"

By Paisley_Pirate6
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except white guys will have no protects per usual.


We have exactly the same level of rights. Except in California.

The problem with letting them push stuff like through is mostly that they change what terms they want.

Rights starts off as equality. Which worked perfectly with a resounding support of most the citizenry in our nation.

Now it's become pushing to normalize the outlandish and use "civil rights and equality" for forcing that outlandish on the majority.

We'll tolerate their nonsense because we know it's nonsense. But don't push legislation that makes me have to participate actively in that nonsense.

Another reason we have the president we do now.

Too much nonsense being forced on too many people. Thus, you get a rebellion.

I'm just amazed it's been as peaceful as it has been.

Lots of big waves and thunder, lightning and torrential rains, the very earth itself moved by the weight of the fallout of 2016's explosion.

But here we be... fish in the sea... hundreds of feet from the churning surface, trying to get where we need to go without knowing where it is.

Hoping the struggle is worth it.


Have you read 1984? For some political parties, words used are the opposite of what is truly intended.

In other words ... when they say "Equal Rights Amendment," they don't mean what the dictionary defines those three words as.

Oh, exactly! Which is why I very carefully said to give them what they ask for, not what they want.


"All animals are equal, and some are more equal". Animal Farm

It is less about equality, and more about power and control by the elite ruling class.


They want both and anyone who disagrees is 100% hellbound. Not that heaven and hell exist of course (assumes pronoun, then apologizes and moves back 2 places un the progressive stack.)

GregHD Level 5 Apr 15, 2019

DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY (flips cards) RELIGION?!!>! (sarcasm, obviously!)


The left commands those who like to think of themselves as oppressed and victimized. They'll devise a go-around. They always do...

Sadly, I know that if we really did buy in, you would be exactly correct.

Like the New York Times would say if the world were to end:

"World Ends, Women and Minorities Hit Hardest"

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