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Imaginary SJWs: Have you actually got "real SJWs" who you have to put up with regularly - in your neighbourhood, at work, on campus, etc.? Or have you got "imaginary SJWs" who are portrayed by the media and who you talk of as if they were around you? Be honest!

By Naomi6
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I was just thinking real hard and I can't think of anyone I know or have met recently who is more concerned with social justice than I am.

I often discuss social justice issues with my kids and they are developing the same attitudes that I have.

I am a fairly old guy as well, mid fifties.

I guess that means..... ah crap, I'm the SJW that everyone else complains about.

Crikey Level 4 Apr 15, 2019

Hello. That's a good point, sir. You might be interested in watching this video. I believe that there is a difference between the "real definition" of social justice and the "SJW version" of social justice.

By the way, I don't think that you and your children are SJWs, i.e. radical ideologues. smile001.gif

Naomi, "SJW" is a silly rightist sneer term and not one I own or disown. I'm likely to be called an SJW when I express my support for various progressive ideals. I can live with that. It's funny how in one context SJW means extremists and in another context it is used as a catch-all attempted insult for progressives.

You're right. Words like SJW, alt-right, fascist, etc. are thrown at people to insult them. I think we're all affected by the media and propaganda and most of all by identity politics. We keep dividing ourselves by identities like left or right, black or white, male or female, etc., etc. We keep sleepwalking into the narrative of identity politics. Even those who confidently say that they're not affected are, in my opinion, still affected - they are not aware of it or they don't want to admit it, I don't know. I define SJWs as those who are the modern version of "useful idiots", as Lenin put it; they don't realise that they have been indoctrinated. I refer SJWs to those who repeatedly and vehemently engage in groundless arguments. I don't have time for that. In my opinion, whether they're left-leaning or right-leaning, as long as they can hold valid arguments, then that's worth listening to. What we don't know is often found in opposite views, I think. Mind you, there are some SJW-type people on the right as well. Not so long time ago, I experienced right here that as soon as I mentioned Karl Marx, I was under attack. All I wanted to talk about was one of his quotes, but his name was so taboo that some couldn't keep their cool. A little close-minded, I thought... Can you think of a good word for SJW-type right-wingers? LOL


Ive met 2 in real life.. I had a few convos but they never went far.

Hi. Exactly. I am yet to meet one for real, but from what I see on YouTube, etc., they're so emotionally involved that they can't engage in a decent conversation. It was amusing when I heard one SJW said "I'm happy to have a debate with you provided that you agree with me."


@Naomi right. Absolutely right. Im pretty confident in my views but i really feel i leave enough room to learn

Yes, I believe that what I don't know is often found in different/opposite views from mine. That's how I can learn more. In SJWs' case, what they "believe" is everything. When their arguments are groundless, you can't go much far and end up in being shouted at instead. LOL


You might be interested in watching this clip, if you haven't already. Sir Roger Scruton is a renowned British philosopher. He analyses very well the SJWs' specialities; political correctness, scape-goating, victimhood, etc. It's always a good idea to know your enemy. (His voice is a bit boring...)

Naomi Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

I too, work as a farm hand. gotta say, some are non toxic, some are toxic, but everyone there leans left in a big way. maybe i should work on making my escape while i still got my sack (o taters) but honestly, i do believe in the work as being necessary for survival in the future. its a damn shame that the toxicness has attatched itself to the source of food, but hey. assholes are allways strategically placed right?

Hi. "Assholes are always strategically placed right?"
You're right - "Useful idiots", as Lenin called them. lol

@Naomi nah, a strategically placed asshole is much more sinister than a usefull idiot. someone who knowingly disrupts useful behavior from a position of power gained for the purpose of pleasuring their own twisted humor, is a strategically placed asshole. a usefull idiot could be anyone.


I'm from a small town in the deep south, so no SJWs around here. I do encounter them on the i-net quite often though. Most are women from california, or white knights from many parts trying to win pussy points.


I have sisters who are SJWs. Their FB posts are filled with outrage and critique about this that and the other. And I whine about feminism, mens issues and the encroaching tsunami of socialist dogma. And when we come together we laugh and hug and tease eachother about our polar opposite views.
I made it clear and they made it clear early on that political views will not interfere with our relationships. Indeed, I would be a pretty sad conservative if I disrespected someone for having an opinion. And when I reflect I realise that it wasnt too many decades ago that I was being outraged about the same things they are.
What I have come to learn over the years is that political opinion should never define anyone. Perspectives are flux. Nothing stays the same. People grow. The things that never change are the bonds of family and friendship.

HI. Thanks for your input. I couldn't agree more! Perhaps, many people lost or never learned the ability to separate between reality and its virtual counterpart...? People certainly behave differently when they have masks they can hide behind. I also agree that thoughts are fluid, and we are allowed to change our minds as the circumstances, etc., change. It's nice to have a belief, principle, etc. you can stand for, but I think that beliefs, principles, that kind of things can both "bind" and "blind" people (Jonathan Haidt said something like that). Best wishes to you and your sisters.


You know, I live in a small city and I am yet to encounter a SJW or to see the local press covering a SJW protest march. Of course, they are more common in big cities like London, Manchester, etc. So, so far, when I talk about SJWs, they're imaginary based on what I see or hear on the media.
If you stay in the UK long enough, you'll hear British people say "I'm a bit of a socialist" often enough. Considering the "cradle to grave" concept held in the British history, this is quite a normal, casual statement, and if you immediately regard them as far-left as such, you will be embarrassing them as well as embarrassing yourself. LOL So, while left-leaning people may be immediately associated with SJWs in your countries, it may not always be the case in the UK. There are many traditional Labour Party supporters (left) in the UK, and a good friend of mine is one of them. We take our dogs for a walk together regularly and we talk about all sorts of things, including Brexit! She is a remainer and I am a leaver, and we have different views about different things but our conversation never develops into an argument.
So, my next question is: Do you have anyone, in your family, in your neighbourhood, at work, on campus, who have different (political) views from yours but you can still get on with them? Do you think that not all, not all but most people in your countries are still reasonable and preserving their values and norms despite the impression MSM give us that SJWs are taking over our space?

Naomi Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

I worked in an art museum. It was institutionalized. Very real, took time out of the work day to lecture on it's importance.

Hello. Thank you for your input. I think it is a general notion that artists and the like are left-leaning. When you say the museum was "institutionalised", do you mean there was indoctrination going on there? If so, that's terrible.

@Naomi Yes, mandatory "inclusiveness" lectures, etc. That's when I quit.

Ah, "inclusiveness" - one of those emotive words! There is nothing wrong with the actual meaning of "inclusiveness", but when it is used for political purposes... along with other words such as hate, diversity, etc. Sorry that you had to quit, sir.


Yeah, no. Pretending these snowflakes don't exist isn't going to work when we have to put up with them literally every day.


Had my first run-in with a mentally challenged, gender confused, social justice warrior in Murfreesboro Tennessee about a year ago. I was at a Marathon Gas station to grab a pack of smokes and a lighter. This young heavyset girl (yes I called her a girl...I'll allude to why shortly) with green and pink hair was standing at the counter yakking to one of the ladies behind the counter. She was blocking the lighters. So I calmly asked "Excuse me miss...may I get passed you to grab one of those lighters please?"

Enter Exorcist scene where her head spins completely around. Only thing missing was the Pea Soup!

Suddenly I get hit with "Miss? How F-ing dare you assume my Gender!" So I look at her and said "No assumption made maam...the breasts are kind of a dead giveaway!" I know I should have said something else and more tactfully but then tact is not one of my strong suits. Winston Churchill once said "Tact is the art of telling someone to 'Go To Hell' in such a way that they look forward to the trip!" Well I have no tact so I just give them directions!

She screamed "You Did It Again! WTF is wrong with you? And my breasts do NOT make me a woman!" Knowing it was just too late to back out now and honesty being a blunt instrument with me...I replied "No...but the cameltoe showing through your 2 sizes too small jeans does. If they were any tighter I bet I could guess your religion!"

Oh that did it...she started cussing at me like a sailor. I don't know if she ever was one or not...don't care. Anyway jumping to the end because there is no point in trying to remember the loooong string of profanities. But I remember a few bigots, racist, sexist, homophobe and Trumpbots were thrown in there somewhere. I would have had to record it and slow it down to normal speed to be sure. So I finally just reached passed her and grabbed the lighter. She was dumbfounded. I asked the lady behind the counter for a pack of Marlboro light 100s. She then stood with her hands on her hips and said "So what do you have to say for yourself now?" And I said "Not a word...have a nice day...Thing!" The look on her face would have curdled new milk. "Thing? THING? WTF is that all about?" so I said "Well you determined how I addressed you wasnt appropriate but you didnt specify what would be...you clearly wanted no gender labels so...well, there you go!" And turned to pay for my purchase. Her voice hits a pitch that I'm sure made every dog for miles around go "What the hell was that?" And she screamed at me "Well how about if I just call you ASSHOLE then?"

I turned back to her and calmly said...."That's MISTER Asshole to YOU!"

The cashiers behind the counter lost it and started laughing loudly and applauding. Even the one she was talking to was clapping. She left in a cloud of dust. I do not know if she was crying. The lady who was ringing me up told me to keep my money this pack and the lighter was on her. She said it was a pleasure to witness such exquisite sarcasm and wit in action.

I think I have some fans!

Way to go! I so wish I had been there to witness all that! My hat off to you, sir!


Most people in Tn have a very low tolerance for rude behavior like IT was displaying.

@jondspen I live here but I'm originally from Miami...have even less tolerance for intolerance.


Oh yeah. I exist in the heart of social justice country. Let me just say, those 'safe spaces' aren't safe for everyone. Unfortunately.

Hi. Sounds like you've got some SJWs in your neighbourhood, family, etc., yes?


@Naomi, family, no. Hadn't really thought about that before. That's a win. My professional life is rife with sjw's. They love to gaslight, but mostly I don't push back. I have to be professional in my profession.


I believe that's the right attitude. Sir Roger Scruton, a British philosopher, says the best way to fight against political correctness, identity politics, etc. is to say whatever you wish to say (free speech) civilly and peacefully but never apologise. lol


A niece of mine who was more or less fine before university went into full sjw mode after. (She didn’t finish, btw.) Now she’s decided to transition. So I guess she’s my nephew. But my God she was insufferable on fb - lecturing us all on how inferior we were. She was the only one I actually knew though.

That would be funny... if you weren't family.
In fact all of this... 17 gender, political speech redaction, more compassionate than thou stuff would be hilarious... if it weren't happening in America.


Hi. Perhaps, she was just going through a phase. I believe many grow out of radical views with age, like many of us did, and became wiser - hopefully. lol


I have them in my family.

I avoid them.

Doesn't that make your family fall apart?


My family is loaded with Leftist Liberal Socialist Fuckwits.

That is their problem.

Family is more than Blood Ties to me.

@Guido_Provolone Im adopted, so don't even have blood to tie me. Family are people that support and love you - period. If blood, judge ruling, or whatever other imposed system doesn't meet those requirements, then you are not family to me.


Exactly why It's water off a ducks ass for me to have zero contact with vast swaths of my blood kin.


I have several who are related to me.
Thankfully I tend to live FAR Away from them.
Does that count?

If you don't have to put up with them regularly, then, that's good.


We are surrounded. Most of my family members are either SJW = Disagree and you are scum. They no longer talk to me at all. Or they are hard core Leftist = " the government should be like a good parent". Not kidding. That is a direct quote. The grocery store I like is very left. I would not dare wear a MAGA hat there.This inspite of the poster on the door that says "Safe Space". The city and all the local colleges are, of course, hard Left. I am an organic gardener, and an Artist. you would think I would be part of that mob. But I'm not.

I’ve noticed that if you are involved in art or “soil studies” at almost ANY level, ALL the people you wind up dealing with ... except most of the farmers ... are WAY Out in Loonie Leftist Land.
I’ve learned to talk with them without revealing how stupid I believe them to be.
It’s really odd that, factually, many of those people are quite brilliant ... at least in a point or two ... but incredibly stupid in almost everything else.
I attribute it to the Blind Squirrel finds a Nut Syndrome ...

So, would you say that farmers in America are generally left?
In the UK, not all, not all, not all but most farmers are conservatives. What a contrast!
It's sad that your family are falling out...


"Safe Space" sign? as a famous American comedian, Jeff Foxworthy would say, "there's your sign!", lol And them saying "government should be like a good parent" that sounds like some ordinary Chinese people's statement's about The Communist China regime. Posted a Frontline video to Global News group. Its just a place to share interesting stuff from around the world. Expand our horizons hopefully smile001.gif

@purdyday That's Bill Engvall.

@michell thanks, always get the two mixed up, similar humor and always appeared together. Larry the Cable Guy, now there is someone unforgettable, lol

I got a little curious... Do your SJW family members actually participate in BLM marches, proud marches, SlutWalk marches, that kind of things?

@Bay0Wulf I need to work on my technique for not triggering their - very sensitive - belief system to the point that they refuse to interact at all.

@Bay0Wulf, @Naomi Farmers are mostly center or right. However a lot of the organic, small farm homesteader types are left. My husband and I are not and we stick out like a fly on a plate.

@Bay0Wulf, @Naomi, @purdyday Yes. Very Marxist family. When my sister said that, my blood went cold. I really had not paid much attention to her politics until then. But that made it clear to me that I am related to a full blown Marxist.

@Bay0Wulf, @purdyday, @Naomi Yes. They have marched in the "woman's march" the one were the marchers actually wore hats depicting female genitalia. Should have been called an anti Trump march. They are totally into it.

Do they realize that most people suck at being good parents? How in the hell is a social structure made up of crappy parents, influenced by greed and money, suppose to be even a better parental model? These people and their theoretical ideas, but they never stop to take into account how the real world works.

LOL, these people here have no idea how bad you really have it. I grew up about 15 minutes away from you and currently live 45 minutes to the south. That little island of insanity is actually comical if you have the ability to step away from it. You have especially bad because it will be automatically assumed by the Ithaca arts community that you are a SJW by your occupation. That must suck.

The only thing I can suggest is that when you interact with them is that you stick to relatively “safe” subjects.
If they’re farmers of any type, soil, manure remediation (use, composting & etc.), “natural” growing methods, cover crops are all relatively “safe”. Scoffing at their llamas is not ... unless you like to talk “wool” ... if you want to really blow their minds, spend some time learning about Carbon Char (see Terra Preta) which, if you are into farming on any scale is astounding in its ability to transform soil and increase its output by terrific amounts (I know a LOT about this subject).
“Heritage” crops or animals are usually good topics and actually some of them can be quite interesting and marketably valuable.

@Farmergramma "Oversensitive" - Ah, that's the typical mindset, isn't it? I've been wondering for a long time if there is a way to undo that...

Wow, that sounds really bad! Do you have any tips on how to keep sanity and norms in such a circumstance?

@BrunosDad I do my best not to talk about politics in Ithaca. I want to get out alive.

@BrunosDad, @Bay0Wulf I can talk to them about anything but politics. It is profoundly stupid. I find myself avoiding them because they seem very superficial to me. If you can't discuss something of extreme importance - like politics - with people in an adult manner it tells me that those people are not adults. Chronological age not important! I don't want to spend time with people who appear to be "old children". It is not cute, or endearing!

@BrunosDad, @Bay0Wulf, @Naomi So far no! It was difficult to come to grips with this. I allowed myself to be blindsided. A stupid thing to do! I wish I did know how to interact with Leftists. I tried a lot of things. Reason is out. Logic is out. Facts are out. Staying calm while they call me names does not seem to work. Pointing out their rude behavior does not seem to work. They are self righteous and correct so what do I mean their behavior is rude? It is perfectly justified as far as they are concerned. I am the one who is a jerk for daring to disagree with their world view! If it were not so important to figure out how to bring our culture back together I would have no contact with them.

I dunno ...
I talk to people all the time whose knowledge and interest in various topics are not the same as mine.
I simply don’t talk to them about those things.
The fact I consider Government and Politics to be extremely important doesn’t mean they do.
More to point, I often speak to people who consider themselves “farmers” about soil science and manure remediation and they think that they already know everything there is to know about it when factually, they don’t know much at all.
These people tend to doggedly follow whatever they were taught and scoff at my input because I am not a “farmer”. They don’t care that I can bring them to other farms that follow my suggestions and programs and have experienced marked, tangible results. Even as they look at those same farmers and remark to me that those farmers are just “lucky”.
Small farms fail all the time because of wrongheaded practices.
Politics is another one of those things ... many of the ideas that these people support, fail miserably but those same people simply say it’s because it wasn’t done “right” rather than to re-examine whether those things were simply “not right” to begin with.

When you run into people like that, after the first couple tries, walk away.
The saying; You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” applies.
Save your energy ...
Work to fix what can be fixed. Don’t try to fix what can’t. Pray God will help you know the difference.

It's the mindset that is impossible to deprogramme, isn't it? I thought it was amusing when I saw one SJW saying on YouTube that she would be happy to have a debate provided that everyone would agree with her, but it's no laughing matter when you have an SJW in your own family...
Thank you very much for your insightful input. Warmest wishes X


I used to work at a large corporation during the 2016 election. During that time and shortly after the SJW (Progressive warriors) would make work incredibly intolerable.

Meetings went from open conversations about issues facing the customer base/company to walking on eggshells. Meeting would happen then people would be quietly reprimanded for the topics of discussion/ point made.

For example a hot bed issue i remember was balancing awareness of the trans/fluid community while also safe guarding the company/customers from social engineering. Which should be a legitimate concern around any companies that deal with banking/private information.

Eventually it came to the point that meetings became gripefests because we keep being burdened with the issue while not being acceptable to talk about.

After that it became miniature groups of people that expressed frustrations privately while several of the "SJW" individuals felt ostracized.

Eventually I left due to the behavior of both employees and company.

I can see why you found a better job!

Would you say that's a typical corporate culture spreading in the US? If so, that's terrible. And how can it be addressed? I don't know what it is like in the UK; I work from home. Some members in the UK may be able to tell us. Identity politics, political correctness, victimhood... they're toxic.

@Naomi Unsure overall but I had previously seen a trend in companies attempting to be more sensitive in the past.
I think now a lot are put in a difficult spot with the revolving offended.

Some are negatively viewed just by the way they operate so while also inhabiting an online space it opens every small mishap into a possible powder keg.

The internet mob essentially forces companies to walk on eggshells of glass over lava.


We've got one kid who walks that SJW line and crosses it in regard to "rape culture". I wish she were still young enough for me to kick her butt.

HI. Is there any chance that her brain could be deprogrammed?


@Naomi as long as she's alive, there's alwaysa chance.

Still wanna kick her butt....

What about rape culture crosses the line?

Maybe that’s where you went wrong.

@InternetDorkWeb lol She is the baby, and didn't experience corporal punishment. That's still not the reason.

Hello! Finally, someone from Europe! Do you have any SJWs who are close to you? My definition of SJW is someone who thinks they're fighting for social justice, but are often unable to present valid arguments and therefore fail to engage debates properly and end up in behaving despicably.

@michell we do not jabs a rape culture in the US. Her bull about that and "all men" is more than absurd


I suggest the term Social Justice Ninjas.
Ninja often employ their super stealthy skillz to take refuge in non-existence smile001.gif
Who better to fight a war that doesn't exist than warriors who don't exist?

LoL, rhats a good description...although my cat Ninja is offended by the suggestion, being not only stealthy but smarter, lol


Imaginary. I’m an old guy and there aren’t many old sjw’s to talk to. Being a good sjw takes too much energy and too little experience.

Demere Level 5 Apr 14, 2019
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