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People with Integrity do not take jobs that require initiating violence on nonviolent people. All cops are control freak pigs now

Gfykunzz 6 Jan 15

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Lost me with the "..all...". Might as well say "all blacks are lazy", "all Jews are greedy", etc. If your language is all-inclusive (note the irony there?) it hints at a closed mind or one with an agenda.

As I said, "lost me".

Youre an idiot- sorry to break it to you lol


wow! police are NOT the ones who initiate violence - they are there to stop and to prevent violence - with very few exceptions of course and those cops who do so are summarily fired and often times charged with a crime for that kind of behavior

Thank you! I wondered if we would hear from the brainwashed sheep bootlickers and here you are! Much appreciated

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