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Pics/Videos: White House is building mysterious concrete barriers -- Anyone remember Cyber Polygon? Are they going to crash the financial system and wipe everyone's bank accounts? Need access to the gov. bank account? Vax passport needed.


toronto_Georgia 8 Jan 14

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Oh course they are "going to crash the financial system and wipe everyone's bank accounts,"but Creepy Joe" lives in a basement somewhere, that's why you only see him on film sets resembling the WH. The walls are to keep the Kanadians out.


But walls don't work. Everyone knows walls don't work πŸ˜‰

The Chinese proved that hundreds of years ago.


They aren't just trying to keep Jehovah's Witnesses away.


Former Vice President Biden won’t allow tax dollars to be used for national security purposes but he has no shame in using tax dollars for his personal security.

The Dementia Patient In Charge has no say on budgetary line items.


Question: Are those gaps built into the wall going to be used for heavy gun equipment that can be rolled in place?

I’m hoping that there is a third vertical panel that inserts after it has been set in its final location, and the middle panel is left out for ease of handling. The size of gap looks large for a gun emplacement.

@Mechanic You may be right. I saw there is a peep hole on the left side upright of each panel, but was uncertain why such a large gap in the middle. I suspect they will not defend the barricade with low gun power. No question huge rioting would happen if everyone's money is stolen.

@Mechanic The BIG question is WHY this baracade now?

@toronto_Georgia I’m sure they are up to no good.

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