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The Truth regarding the Deep State.

Often times I see people refer to the deep state in describing some of the possibly illegal, and very sketchy behavior by individuals with in the State.

Personally I don't see a distinction. The Deep State is actually just the State. The nature of a State has always been to consolidate power while rewarding/protecting those who perpetrate it's growth, and continued existence.

The popularity of the Deep State conspiracy leads me to believe it's a measure of controlled opposition. Which historically speaking States understand the best methods of regulating strife is to control both sides.
Alternatively I could also be willing to see it created as a useable scapegoat in the future that a easily cleaned up then back to business as usual.

Is the Deep state real? Or is this just another example of running a working play from the book until it doesn't?
Opinions? Concerns?
I'm more than happy to review any documentation of commentary the community would be willing to provide .

CodeNameZebra 6 Apr 12

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There is a Deep State it is uglier then anything you can imagine the conspiracies or not conspiracies. Wikileaks is a 100% acurent souce of information to find 40% of how dark and ugly it really is

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