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Trump's Toxic Tax Returns

The law is clear that all federal employees must follow tax code law. Failure to act imposes mandatory firing, a possible fine and possible jail time up to 5 years. The 8 minute segment explains why Secretary Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig are being very, very careful to say they are following the law when faced with a legal demand from the House of Representatives to see the last six years of Trump's tax returns.

Neither President Trump, Mnuchin nor Retting want to release Trump's tax returns. They just can't say they refuse to comply with the legal House request without facing mandatory firing from the federal government and a possible fine and jail time. Trump's advisers are no doubt telling Trump to keep his mouth tightly shut and let other people fall on their swords if it comes to that.

The apparent ways forward for this include:

  1. The Trump administration files suit in federal court claiming the tax code law is unconstitutional;
  2. Congress changes the law to exempt the President from the law (that won't happen);
  3. A constant stream of people in the Trump administration keep falling on their swords, and getting fired, while the House keeps issuing legal demands to see Trump's tax returns; or
  4. Maybe something very creative, e.g., declare a national emergency and impose martial law and suspend the Constitution due to the rabid hoards of rapists and murderers swarming the Mexico border and claiming asylum.
By Germaine6
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You have confused yourself. Congress has no authority to demand my taxes, your taxes or the President's taxes. Whatever Fake News blather has convinced you of this is just that desperate fake news. States and the IRS under the Executive branch have the mandate to audit taxes. what you are stuck on is most likely the federal disclosure requirements that do not go to Congress but to the OGE....take a deep breath then look them up!


But they are not required to give to public the fbi and the irs already have them


Trump has been audited. Unless Congress has substantive evidence that Trump withheld taxes illegally, I do not think they can indiscriminately demand his taxes. If they can, then I would demand that every member of Congress be required to submit their taxes to the Trump administration for scrutiny. The truth is this is all political games that are intended to distract the public from the fact that the Democratic party has no real answers for the problems facing America. Thay have opinions, yes, but no answers.


A third party filled out the tax forms, that party is legally liable for any shenanigans.
Those tax forms were then audited and then accepted. Except for embarrassing stuff I can't imagine what else could come of it.

@Daryl Those are some BIG assumptions to go on a fishing trip.
"No-one could know what would come of it" We VERY specifically avoid investigations like that in our country.


They can't force the release of his taxes is the actual law. Other presidents did it on their own free will but no law says they have to release them at all and unless the house can show an actual crime they are investigating they can't just subpoena anything they want on a hope to find a crime. The left wing is being 100% stupid with all of this tax stuff now that Russia has blown up in their face. All of the ones doing this should be the ones fired, not Trump or his administration.

george Level 6 Apr 12, 2019

@Daryl there is no law that he has to release his taxes, that is just a tradition of former POTUS. Show us the law that says he has to release his tax returns. Just because u want a witch Hunt don't mean u get one.

@Daryl an elected official is not the same as a federal employee is my understanding of it. Yes, they are on federal payroll but they aren't hired or fired. U can't fire a president in the same way u can an unelected federal employee so that position is not part of the law. This is all just a witch Hunt and a diversion for the Democrats so they don't have to offer a real platform and actual policy positions. MSNBC propaganda holds no weight with me if we are gonna talk facts either. Just look at their Russia "bombshells" and "beginning of the end" stories and u will see they are nothing but propaganda for the DNC and permanent state that all oppose Trump.


"law is clear that all federal employees must follow tax code law. Failure to act imposes mandatory firing" . So you have proof that Trump did not follow tax law??? Please provide the evidence. Since there isn't any, you full of crap.

They don't even have a suspicion of a crime much less proof of one. They think they can just investigate someone until they find something which is illegal to do in the USA. All the Dems doing this should be brought up on charges for what they are doing.

@Daryl So no evidence, no probable cause, no report of criminal activity related to tax returns, no IRS enforcement against Mr Trump, and your willing as an officer of the court to watch and support a fishing expedition that has no bounds all because as you say "I want" because there is nothing else.. You sure you are not on the ninth circuit. Remember that document that came along a decade or so after that declaration of independence. One of the reason for the break away other than the obvious was the British habit of continual investigating until they found a crime. Hence the several protections against search (which this is) and Seizure which this could be. I am astounded by your position. no more simply put.

@Daryl so what aboutism is strong with you. An IRS audit is not an enforcement issue accounting 101.

@Daryl See with Hillary there actually was a crime to investigate. 33000 deleted gov't emails. See that is the spark for an investigation not "I want". See how it works is a crime is committed or alleged then you investigate, not the other way around. When Hillary used Bleach Bit to erase software, which she admitted too, that was a crime, obstruction. See Trump you have no nothing but want to investigate anyway.

@Daryl Show proof why, has he committed a crime? if he has which one? So has potential fraud been established, since it has not been leaked by the Deep State, I assume ZERO, like the rest of your baseless claims. If the IRS is fine with Trump and has not charged him than so am I. When will you be releasing your tax returns for everyone to peruse? Six years please.

@Daryl So because Hillary committed or was alleged to have committed crimes that she got away with so far, you assume Trump has done the same. See without a crime or an alleged crime there nothing to investigate, why am I telling you all this, you should know this, you are in fact a lawyer.

@Daryl You sure you are not on the Ninth Circuit, it would explain a lot.

@Daryl You mean from the Legacy media that is wrong more than right. Anonymous sources or fake sources. Now you are Back to the "I WANT" . You realize the law is not based on your wants right?

@Daryl as you say there is plenty of public information, but you have yet to provide any, that tells me you have none. "There is plenty of publicly available information suggesting Trump is a money laundering tax fraudster."

@Daryl Please provide any link to any public information that alleges illegal activity and yet again you provide zero. If you had you would have already sent it. And since you already stated it was public information you should have immediate access to it. SO WHERE THE FUCK IS IT

@Daryl here is another great legal phrase you use. "I assume" use that in a court of law see how far you get ... You are not a lawyer, I dealt with you guys my entire life, you do not talk like "I want" or "I assume"

  1. Delay as long as possible while pointing out how unjust and opportunistic the democrats are Then, in 3 months or so, give the committee the tax returns in the required closed hearing and hold them accountable to the non-disclosure requirements. I'd want a congressperson that violated this to serve the full 5 years and pay the full fine. Legislators do not get immunity from felonies. Any journalist that prints this information gets to stay in jail until their source is revealed. Anyone that's being flippant on this issue has not thought this through. There aren't too many people out there that like the idea of tax information being published for a cheap political dirty trick.

"Upon written request from the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, the chairman of the Committee on Finance of the Senate, or the chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Secretary shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request, except that any return or return information which can be associated with, or otherwise identify, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer shall be furnished to such committee only when sitting in closed executive session unless such taxpayer otherwise consents in writing to such disclosure."

"no officer or employee of the United States, ... shall disclose any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer or an employee or otherwise or under the provisions of this section. For purposes of this subsection, the term “officer or employee” includes a former officer or employee." []


TRUMP. Master chess player he really don't care if they see his taxes or not, but it sure does keep them on the wrong chess board while the real Master's play the Master Game for the Ultimate Win for America!

@Daryl good for you i want everyone in Congresses and any place else i can think of but we don't alway's get what we want we learned that before kindergarten

@Daryl u don't get to have an open ended investigation with no specific crime stated up front. This is the USA. He don't have to prove he is innocent of anything. The Dems have to show reasonable suspicion of a crime before they can subpoena any of those records. It's amazing how people want to throw out due process because of their delusions and hate toward the POTUS. I'm a leftie myself and even I'm not that petty about losing the election. Quit nominating the only person possible that could lose to Trump is what I say. Quit voting for someone's race and sex for a change. All Hillary offered was "I'm with HER" because that is just how simple minded the left has become, they see a woman so they vote for her no matter how bad she is but that will never win national elections.

@Daryl Just called a spade a spade and I no longer wish to converse with one thanks


If Trump failed to follow tax law, I'm sure the IRS would let him know. Of course Trump's tax lawyers know the law 10 times better than any IRS bureaucrat. The House is not entitled to see anything regarding his tax returns unless he has violated tax law--which it is the duty of the IRS to determine.

MarPep Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

Tax RETURNS???How about the open sedition declared by Democratic Congresswoman cunts Omar and Cortez and Beto!How about Bernie the Marxist!Smokescreen!Deflection? These people are traitors to the Republic and the American People! Start a march,(GRASSROOTS) for the Democratic party to be dissolved! Protest their anti-American sentiment and open racism and force them to either do their job or resign or go to prison! Quit coddling these political correct socialist sheep and lets sheer them! A Patriot march in support of the Republic!! I'm sick of watching these traitors and the Marxist media getting away with open treason!REVOLT on them NOW!!!!

@Daryl This is an open forum, and you are a democratic sympathizer at least! The Law, and justice you liberals know nothing of the law!But you will extend your vocabulary and learn new words like retribution and treason,and collaboration,and complicity! OPen sedition???That's all the Democratic Marxists espouse his treasonous rhetoric and you are their ally!THat makes YOU the Enemy also of the Republic! The days of acquiescing in Political correctness are over!And listening to liberal Democratic talking points like yours!

@Daryl Corruption???You live in the most CORRUPT state in the Union??It's a Marxist haven! Your rhetoric is toxic to the nation,you don't give a F bout tax returns your driven by the Saul Alinsky 60s rhetoric that you absorbed and is now tattoed on your soul TRAITOR!It is one thing to have a difference of opinion it is another to support subversion and a political coup on an elected President because he does not support your rainbow mantra!! You are a traitor and if it goes south or war comes to our streets it is people like you who will be held accountable, and you can bet on that1I'm sick of you closet socialist traitors spewing your tripe and racist, atheist dogma! Tax feturns my ass!

@Daryl LOL!!Yes we disagree....looks like Freedom of speech is still a valid Right!

@arboristly560 Darryl has no logic when it comes to taxes, taxation is basically theft anyways


Taxes taxes taxes. Cover for sadistic pedophiles in power that Trump and many are exposing. Wikileaks 100% acurency rating since 2006 exposing there own word's arrested say's alot. CIA has the connection and the power to bring him in and are child traffickers supplying them. Evil evil Deep State

@Daryl i will expose any all who are involved that i come across this is not a party issue I'm not a party line walker.

@Daryl you can't admitt to what needs exposing and why. I believe

@Daryl i think you can't expect there is nothing to be exposed. But keep holding on to false hope the Dems been promising since the start of the party! It work's so well

@Daryl your pushing what is legal or not. You can not look into something to see if it's illegal without evidence it maybe. Why do you think so many. Or still waking free?


Trump was a billionaire before taking office. The tax returns the people should be demanding are those of legislators who became millionaires on salaries less than two hundred thousand/year.

MarPep Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

@Daryl TDS is strong with you..

@Daryl you can go online for much information on the charities he and Hillary both set up that information is very telling

@Daryl founded to be by who? Lmao! Walking blind is in noway helping you

@Daryl and this matters how to him being elected and corrupt you are saying you want them released to prove corruption then you say it's to prove he was never i billionaire which by the way is nobody business.
I think this is more you, better buy some more throat lozengers your going to need them maybe some stock in the company too.

@Daryl Why would either being or not being a billionaire make any difference?

@Daryl I think the rage and hate is all coming from you and your TDS, And please quote the law that says any legislator is entitled to view any politician's tax returns.


This is nothing more than a red herring. It's political theater to give the MSM something to avert attention. The funny thing in all of this, they're handing him 2020 on a silver platter.

In some ways, yes, but mostly, it's a distraction. The Dim-wit-o-rats, rule by emotion and hyperbolic smoke and mirrors. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Their performance is becoming tiresome, and more people are seeing it daily.


They can have Trumps returns since he’s been in office. They’re not entitled to snoop through his personal or business returns for any years prior to his swearing in.

There is no law that stating he must release his tax returns. It is a tradition, not law.

@Daryl and you know he has things to hide, how? If you have evidence please present.

@Daryl So if you're innocent then let me search through your things? Nazi much Daryl?

@Daryl And Nancy Pelosi the 3rd highest ranking member of the US gov't, where are her returns again? Your selective outrage is very expected.

@EdNason Indeed!!!

@Daryl oh yes....must be true...after all it's in the NYtimes.....not a hint of biases there. Good job!! Im convinced. (Could some one tell me where the sarcasm font iis at ?)

@Daryl here is the key... "I want" not we have probable cause, or a crime has been committed.. Just I WANT...

@Daryl Since you are a lawyer what legal basis are you using to justify demanding his return or else. Has a crime been committed? Do you have probable cause to believe Trump has committed such a crime? Since the Answer is no to both questions. WHAT IS YOU LEGAL BASIS, other than "i WANT"

@Daryl So now its Trump's sister.... If you had your way we would have warrant less searches in an effort to FIND crimes. KGB tactics. How about you release your tax returns?

@EdNason you're wasting your time @Darly is a true believer. A committed devote leftist. Orange man bad. Orange man bad. There is no limit to the mental gymnastics he’ll go through to justify his ideology


This is a useless waste of time and Dems are just looking for something to get Trump with. I hope they never get his returns.

@Daryl Find the man, I will show you the crime, is Russian jurist prudence not American. The IRS is the governing body, not you.

@Daryl transparency like the Fast and Furious documents, the Benghazi documents, 40,000 deleted Hillary emails that kind of transparency.

@Daryl Here an actual crime was committed leaking classified (whether intentionally or not is irrelevant) info then you investigate. Here you want to look at every piece of paper Trump has, and then find out if a crime has been committed. The KGB would be very proud... Putin was a former KGB agent, do you align yourself with him?


On the list of things I care about Trump's tax returns does not make the top 1 million. If the IRS has no issue with Trump, why should I? Just another Dem trick to take away some of Trump's steam.

@Daryl and you are you are more qualified to view and audit his returns than the IRS. What are your qualifications exactly? I actually have a 4 year degree in Accounting.

@Daryl but you would want Hillary in office?
I have the emails were she got notification about bengazi and went back to bed and so many more and thought it was funny. Her crimes against the world's children are enough to have her suicided as well as many in politics on both sides. And you care about personal money in tax returns?

@Daryl And the President can and will refuse them. Which he should.. More of the I WANT and not I have evidence. You sure you are a lawyer. This seems kind of basic. I learned this in 2 semesters of B Law.

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