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From which date do we exactly allow student loan forgiveness? From before the bill passes? After the bill passed? What fair what’s not fair? How about co-signing parents who are not poor! Is it fair they don’t get that money forgiven!
When is fair to begin the forgiveness ? From the first loan ever approved which is since 1240 for brits and 1800 in America ? Let’s go Brandon. Can you figure this out? You want equality and equity. SHOW IT!

This bit of the history of student loans might surprise you: Using the first documented system of education debt in 1240, aspiring scholars at Oxford University had to deposit their valuable possessions — anything from precious metal cutlery to hand-made animal-skin books — in wooden chests to secure funding. That's how student loans were invented.

Student loan borrowers ● Streamline federal repayment plans
● Improve existing federal loan forgiveness programs
● Cancel $10,000 to $50,000 in debt per borrower
● Ease limits on discharging education debt in bankruptcy court
● Fully privatize the student loan industr

Saigon2o 7 Dec 20

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I’m sure however they pick, I won’t qualify.

Why? You need to fight like they are fighting. They re always after free breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

@Saigon2o Not to worry, I’ll move into a van down by the river 😉

@RitBorg Sound like a defeatist attitude to me.


Yep if my great grandfather sold part of his land to pay for my grand papi to go to medical school. Should I get that land back under the loan forgiveness act?
I will make this bill Grandfathered in so that anyone from the beginning of time who had to borrow money to get an education will be FORGIVEN.
Where’s the money 💰💰💰💵 ???

Money printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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