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I dated a liberal now I feel like my brain needs a shower. All I can say WTF was I thinking? I was alone for quite some time and was an Incel and need a jump start to get back in to a healthy relationship. Now to figure out how to make a good relationship happen?

azzow2 4 Dec 4

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That sounds pretty hurtful. Could you please elaborate on why you decided to become a homosexual after dating someone who is aligned with a different political view-point ?


@azzow2 .

I dated a white Russian Republican named Zoya Millen and one kiss from me made her decide to break up and get a sex change .
A few years later, she got arrested at a waffle house and then later married some gay guy who does not know that she is a woman.
I tried dating a ugly black woman instead and went crazy too.

Long story short , I am just bitter. It is not your fault ;These psychos just refuse to be happy. Thank you for your sense of humor.

It really is funny in a cosmic sense : I should just stick to dating my own people instead of trying to be tolerant towards weirdos who deserve to be locked up in a mental hospital.


Aaron my friend, you have my deepest sympathies. Good to see you on here by the way, this site is far more sane than the other.


Don't call these Nazis liberals, there's nothing liberal about them.

My thought exactly.


Just follow the golden rule,: if she dyes her armpit hair blue, she is not for you.

Good rule to go by.

@ RitBorg Hey..... Some of us are fond of the Marge Simpson look 😂


Learn about spotting red flags in people (plenty of good material on YouTube). There are many narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths out there (especially on the left), but they all have telling habits, mannerisms and even sayings. Spotting these red flags will help you avoid a lot of drama and misery and teach you how to handle these sorts.


Howdy @azzow2,

You can pretty much predict what you're going to catch by where you fish. To use a crass metaphor, stop fishing near the outlet of a sewage treatment plant.

Instead, look for places that encourage values like honesty, fidelity and family formation. Check out churches. Check out conservative clubs. There's always eHarmony (they have a very good success rate).


You're supporting what you stand against. You don't think you are but a Parkinson addict don't donate money to pharma"


Dan Pena advice: I get more ass than a toilet seat at a bus stop. Mick Jagger ain't got nothing on me. You young people just want to fuck. If you want to fuck, just ask!

Simple as that.

No creepy Weinsteining bullshit.


Find someone whose negatives won't drive you nuts, realizing that many of the positives are part of their social mask.


Just be like Dan Pena

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