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Wondering how many are feeling alarmed at the de platforming or silencing of other voices. Regardless if its Alex Jones, faith goldy, jayda franson and tommy robinson. I'm fearing this is the beginning of sharia law... some of these people have been sent to jail. What the hell is going on? Anyone else have any idea why this is so prevelant? And anyone else worried,

Tabithakitten 5 Apr 9

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Every time the Silicon Valley Stasi deplatforms or censors, we grow stronger.

I guess your correct, but they are so strong, the computer's, and smart this and anything smart follow us all over. It's a weird world.


I blame Islamists as well as George Soros...

Me too honestly. Very smart organized and they have a singular mission it appears!


Not Sharia, but Globalist Totalitarians. They will use Islam for creation of Chaos

I wonder who will win in the end?

Except, Islam will prevail, maybe Islam is a great way to control massses of people? Maybe we are being slowly driven to Islam.? I don't want my beautiful granddaughter in a niquab married to an intolerant man who believes he is better in every way. Women just do the cleaning cooking and having babies. Talk about feminism?


The controls of the controllers are in control now lol say that three times fast!...not a place anywhere on the net they aren't. even here!

I agree with you, at least they don't have the same power as they do at Twitter etc.


This has slowing been going on for centuries. Islam is what they want us focused on. Islam is a threat yes. But the biggest threat are those in power pushing for NWO. They control thee media what we think eat buy hear ect. Fear them more

@Mortaqai i thought that as well but there are more tool's being used, Bush passed the no hide law most think this is false/ fake it is not.
Abrotion, imagration, human trafficking, child sacrificing, under ground tunnels are not being built for no reason. And the NWO has been a agenda since the 1700 they have run government since tis time and have much more power to slaughter people tgen islam. Every government agency has a stash of weapon's. As long as we focuse on islam they work and the plan proceeds unoticed

@Gerri4321 Islam is one tool they use often now against free speech!

@RubyWright we can not speak out against 2 groups of people fear them both

@Gerri4321 perhaps they are one..just two different arms...which hand are you going to watch slap you...One in the same!

@RubyWright with all the reseach i have done with help. They are not one

I so agree, it's pretty frightening how they believe us to be collateral damage.. I'm worried about islamization though too! Who will win?

@Gerri4321 I agree, this is from Twitter, I know not all believe this, but wow!

@Tabithakitten they are threat as well but one has more power and control. Islam is by converting force or death
The other is by power, media, education, policy, division, ect. Much more ability to win.

@Tabithakitten i know but bbelieve me talk is cheap. Leaders of extremists fill the heads of fool's to get them to do foolish things for them. A threat yes as big a as this man thinks no.

@Gerri4321 and they have been completely confident of their Earthly conquest for well over 100 years. They originated the plan at least by the time of the release from Babylon--2500 years ago

@MarPep very true it's on the awake to see it does not succeed. We are thought and said to be many thing's so was JESUS. Right?

@Gerri4321 Wish I could see a way for them to be defeated, but it escapes me--short of the second coming or a global disaster of biblical proportions.
They love killing any politician or Czar who gets in their way--JFK, Lincoln, Nicholas II, Garfield, McKinley, Larry McDonald, and others.

@MarPep there have been 12 unreported assination attempts on 1 is there hope i think so

@Gerri4321 If he dares to challenge the Federal Reserve control, or approves decrease in funding to Israel, then the next attempt will be by the professionals.

@MarPep i think that move will came late in next term. Safety net so to say.

Totally agree

@Tabithakitten they are upset now

@RubyWright too funny I'm laughing out loud!

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