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Justin Trudeau is threatening to sue Andrew Scheer over his the SNC Lavalin scandal. Scheer is saying, "BRING IT ON". It looks like our dear Prime Minister doesn't understand how the parliamentary system works. He's effectively suing the opposition leader for....wait for it....opposing.

"One week ago I received a letter from a lawyer representing Justin Trudeau, threatening to sue me for my criticisms of his actions in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal," said Scheer.


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Sue with who's money? His or ours. Bets its with ours.


Oh Canada.
Harper tried to tell us. It was obvious he wasnt ready yet.
Oh Canada. ??

He was right, of course, but if I remember correctly, that the conservatives ran a stupid campaign ad that attacked Trudeau for his hair. Well, let's hope they focus more on Trudeau's stupid policies and corrupt actions this time around.


This whole thing just shows how terrible a politician, leader and person he is . Trudeau was given so many chances to straighten this out even before it became the giant snowball it is . Now he's lashing out because it's not going away after he thought he got rid of the problem ,JWR . What a clown .


Islamists & the Regressive left do this. It's called 'lawfare'

Absolutely true about Islamist and regressive snowflakes using lawfare as a strategy. CAIR is always suing over Islamophobia. They sued the federal government for stuff like terror watchlists; they sued states (like Michigan) over airport practices; they sue individuals over criticism of Islam. It's certainly a form of intimidation and control.


Does little potato fully appreciate the magnitude of the sh!t he’s about to step into? Depositions? Testimony under oath? Everything on the record? Is he truly that stupid?

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