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The more the Democrats appear in public the more they seem to fall apart. Last month supposedly Nancy Pelosi was removed from the Whitehouse for being too drunk. Then during a CNN filming of procedures going on in the House she had a meltdown. Nancy decided it was too much truth for one day so went to scold Rep. Tom Marino meanwhile disrupting the whole house floor in a rant that has been described as "Schizophrenic" or "Drunk." And now apparently AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) has made the claim that the Republicans in Congress amended the Constitution to kick President Franklin Delano Roosevelt out of office. The man who had been elected 4 times to the Presidency. AOC might want to pick up a history book. He was already out of office and dead for 2 years before the 22nd Amendment was passed. She said this live during a night hall event with MSNBC with Chris Hayes.

Is the idea that if they seem ignorant, inebriated, clueless or just plain stupid more often they will be somehow more relatable to the huddled unwashed masses? I look to find some meaning to all this because I desperately want to believe that no one...and I mean no one...could be this stupid intentionally!


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When you can convince yourself you are in the right no matter what you do, anything goes. Hubris takes care of the rest. (Beware, this could just as easily happen to us.)


Really? Pelosi was removed from the White House because she was drunk? How did I miss that?


Can't fix stupid but you can muffle it with duct tape

@MADcHATTER I'm with ya there!!!

@MADcHATTER That is not nice.

@Siggy Can't be nice all the time

@MADcHATTER I couldn't agree more!

@bbirdy21 It you must. I am not a fan of violence.

@bbirdy21, @MADcHATTER It is not binary. Lol

That is the best ever, so far ever anyways 🙂

@Siggy I'm not either. But there is a time. Sometimes a good person has to do something about the bad ones. Thankfully there are WAY more good ones out there

I call her Crazy Eyes... All of my postings on her end with #CrazyEyes... Let's go viral folks...


Not extreme enough, her meltdown

It's only a bad meltdown if you end up wearing a straight jacket

As far as AOC.... can't fix stupid


"Last month Nancy Pelosi was removed from the Whitehouse for being too drunk."



@MADcHATTER Wait, so because I ask for a source, you're insinuating that I'm a "leftist"? Perhaps I'm mistaken.

@MADcHATTER "But it does beg the question why the other points about Nancy's meltdown in the House and AOC's ridiculous statement didnt get the same treatment?"

Because, honestly, I didn't bother reading beyond that point.Why should I? If I see that the second sentence is demonstrably false yet presented as matter of fact, I have zero confidence that what follows is going to be any better. I value intellectual honesty, and to me it seems that making false and unfounded statements is antithetical to that. In other words, why employ the same behaviors you say you're against?

But, hey, if you see value in that, more power to you.

@MADcHATTER And there you have it 🙂


AOC I do believe is that ignorant. She is a puppet for the communist organization called "Justice Democrats". The rest are just bat shyte crazy.

She and 3 others in office were brought in to be verbal figure heads for the Green New Deal. Most of their mouth talk is line fed to them...

@Runngcr8z From what I can tell she is nothing more than a puppet that they don't have control of.

Maybe she is an actress, hired to distract us from other more important issues??


I think this is great! Let them show who they really are. I just wish they would have waited until a little closer to the election for the meltdowns.

They're not going to stop anytime soon. They're putting Trump in for a second term for us. Let them keep talking!


Hahaha, I don't know about the stupid thing. I just don't know. The public sphere has dented my own belief about that over the last number of years. And, it's multi-layered stupid. It's like stupid built on top of stupid. I've been sitting here similarly slack-jawed, waiting for the punchline that confirms the joke's been on me all along. This is the best joke setup EVER!


The democrats have revealed to the world that they are a bunch of left-wing nut-jobs

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