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I am genuinely curious about this and would love to hear valid arguments for or against my thought. I am of mixed race my father is an immigrant from South America my mother is from Nebraska.
I was just seeing an ad for the NAACP awards celebrating mainly black actors entertainers etc. There are other, one might say, exclusionary shows awards holidays from ones that focus on Hispanic/Latinos women etc. I genuinely don’t care although I think the need to focus on minorities has passed. I experienced significant racism growing up but it never slowed me it was just words.
Has the time come to move on? Black history month awards etc. What is the value today. I can see it’s necessity back when civil rights women’s rights etc began but does it still serve a purpose or is it a divider? Secondly what would happen if there was white history month The White Entertainment Channel or male only awards scholarships grants etc. Does anyone actually think this would be accepted? Why are whites the only group seemedly castigated as racist if anything exclusive would be set up or males sexist etc? And is this logical? Do a search on Facebook (I have) you can find black power, brown power and Asian power but white power is banned. I don’t buy the power structure when it comes to racism or sexism. If you denegrate someone because of race or sex you are a racist or a sexist even if you are a minority hating on the majority. I genuinely don’t give a crap if any group wants to set up their own thing I am just curious if it is a hinderance to unity, does it promote exclusion and separatism or adequately lift up? Is it worth continuing or has its time passed?

RMSPT 8 Mar 30

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Whites it seems will have wait until they're the minority before be allowed "white power hour " even then I doubt it.


I really can't comment, since I was born with light-colored skin I'm not allowed to express my opinion on such topics.

However, the US has had a history of racially- or ethnically-based cooperative societies. Groups or clubs of people who would help out their own. It never seemed to be a problem and didn't harm unity. But when the government took over helping the less fortunate among us, then it became a problem. Once you take from all and distribute among picked classes, jealousy is stirred.

I have no problem with Black History month or any other such and do not cry about the lack of a white history month. No the problems with these sorts of thing is only when it becomes a tool of the state to propagandize. If it were organic, no problem. I've known old people, long since passed, who held all kinds of biases -- like Italians are dirty lice-infested people, Pollacks are stupid, dull people, etc. I'm sure my Irish ancestors faced similar. Most people don't know that the public school laws we have were mainly a reaction to large southern European people immigrating to the US -- many WASP communities felt like we'd loose our American identity with this Catholic and Eastern Orthodox olive-skinned influx. My ex-wife's grandmother told of how she was looked down on in St. Louis post World War II because she married a drunk half-breed Indian. But, all of these things were before the government was so involved in the day-to-day decisions in our lives and people thrived in spite them. Now a government that can tell you how much water you're allowed to use to flush your toilet and what kind of light bulb to use can also pick the winners and losers in whatever-flavor-of-day group they decide.

Personally, my thinking is that once it had become socially ok for a mixed race couple to marry, most of the racial differences were bound to become irrelevant. I know so many people with a gay relative, that homosexuality becomes a matter of insignificance, because those people love them and aren't going to put up with them being mistreated. The turn around in attitudes weren't microwave fast, but they happened nonetheless. But there is a class of people who don't want this because they make their fortunes and derive their power from the continued stirring of these antagonisms.

Well said

@RafaelMspt Thanks


Love seeing a black guy compete at the local Scottish games. They've got registered tartans for all different places in Africa. Black guy says, "Hey, I'd like to toss a telephone pole over my shoulder." I say have at it. Welcome to the clan (with a 'c' for you old timer Democrat southerners). If I had a hankering to worship in a Black Baptist church, I have no doubt that I'd be welcomed by my brothers and sisters there.

The USA is one of the least racist countries in the world.

“I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” - Frederick Douglass

Great quote. Frederick Douglass would not fit in with the racebaiters of today. He was anti-Marxist to the core.


Hi. This is a great post.
I think that while individual liberty should be respected (obviously), because we're basically social animals, we cannot not belong to some kind of group, i.e., family, school, company, community, nation... that kind of thing. So, it is only natural that we identify ourselves with the group(s) to which we belong. Having said that, I think that if we are too conscious, that will keep different identity groups apart (segregation) instead of bringing them together (integration).
I think that identity politics is important. When, for example, a minority group of people, like the Yazidis, are deprived of human rights, identity politics has a very important role to play in helping such people. However, in modern societies, identity politics is used for political agendas and struggles. Identity politics is toxic in that it keeps us all very conscious of identity groups, especially marginalised groups, and politicians and activists use racist and victim cards to generate prejudice and hostility among the groups. Movements like Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ movement are probably products of identity politics. In modern societies where we all take for granted the human rights and the entitlement to the equal protection by the law, why should any group of people be favoured over other groups, anyway? I think it's wrong that minorities receive so much special attention and others feel obliged to nominate them for certain awards, let them enter colleges and universities when they aren't really good enough to pass exams, etc. I am in the minority myself in the UK, but I'm not conscious that I'm a minority. And probably because I've been living in the same area for many years, my neighbours see me as "me" and not a foreigner, which is nice. Maybe I'm a good example of integration. 😛 I'm a glass-half-full person, and I'm hoping that this is just a phase we're going through. But, I also think that we need to make a conscious effort no to get sucked into the identity politics narrative, which is hard! By the way, July is the White History Month according to Jesse Lee Peterson. He also says there is no racism. XD

Oh, thank you, @EliCaesar. (The "like" button is not working - again!)


For centuries, and within the last thirty years, the only way for certain political parties to remain relevant...was to use victimhood. We were all as youths, indoctrinated by this ideology. Parties have created and kept alive all of the things that you speak of in your a now feudal effort to retain power. You see, they don't care about these peoples and groups...their's is only to have power over them. There are districts in California that you would swear were third-world countries...I am not sure if you have ever visited your home country and am certainly not calling it third-world, but there are certain cues provided by the conditions, that point to socialism...the greed and lust for power and control. Promises of help; promises of championing the less fortunate; women; blacks...all peoples of color must be made victims. If you are born a woman, you are a victim. Now they are pushing subconscious bias---Mind Reading..!!! They have now made whites the villains...that, for some reason, they must pay...because they exists. The dynamic has come full circle now and the beginnings of the self-destruction of the old cycle has begun. Far more lunacy is to come as this thing dies. We are the Apple of their it has been since the dawn of time. An awakening is occurring however, and their Apple will soon poison them.


I totally agree. Believing in race, gender, colour etc rights is wrong. Each person should be fully responsible for what they are. This is the only thing we can change. People did bad things to other people because they are generally bad. There's is nothing to do with race or colour. We should start thinking that we have the same freedoms and responsibilities as person next to us and we are all equal in these freedoms and responsibilities.


Well, in basic terms, one can't necessarily be exclusionary in one aspect while demanding equality in all others without sounding a bit racist themselves. Imagine the outrage if there were a White History Month or a Congressional White Caucus.

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