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I have something that happened to me on FB that might be interesting to Joe Rogan. I love Led Zeppelin's music. I posted "Rain Song" back in September. I used to be able to play the song on guitar. It just so happens that the album cover has naked children playing on rocks. At no point can any genitalia be seen, or they wouldn't be able to sell the album in the 70's in Britain, much less the USA or anywhere else. Face Book, in their infinite wisdom, sent me a lewd warning and took it off view... just yesterday. They said it violates their rules on showing the nipple of an underage female. What the idiots at FB don't do is investigate who is on that cover and who's nipple is visible. It's actually a young boy who has a nipple visible... a man who is now a BBC talk show host on a cooking show named Stefan Gates. At no point is any female genitalia or male genitalia visible on that cover. Here is an article with the full cover... the posting I had was not the full cover and was a You Tube link to the Led Zeppelin song. My purpose in posting it was completely for the music involved. I hadn't given the art photo a second thought till I was slapped with the FB deletion. [festivalpe]

TomTheWriter 3 Mar 30

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That's ridiculous!
One has to have a sick mind to interpret the cover design in a pornographic sort of way.


Times like this I'm glad I never used FB before...


An album cover is designed to catch one's attention and some of the best art is on LP vinyl jackets

I once bought a Kansas album totally on the album cover. The "Drastic Measures" album with the Classical Quartet on the cover with the musician who had the crooked bow tie holding a... Grenade Launcher

I love Led Zeppelin

There is a good Zeppelin tribute band called Zepparella on YouTube. The drummer reminds me of Jim Hanson's "Animal" muppet (the hair)

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