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'As paradoxical as it may seem, defending tolerance requires to not tolerate the intolerant.'

Karl Popper was born on this day in 1902.


Naomi 8 July 28

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Tolerance used to mean an acceptance that even a poisonous periphery will exist, must, by definition exist. Tolerance was never the idea that normative be abandoned, or that normies take up or embrace deviant, licencious, or degenerant behavior, nor especially that normative be replaced by such amorality.

Tolerance is the self destructive assertion that we'll resist the urge to witch hunt if you'll patrol your witches.

You degenerates control your revolutionaries, we'll control our reactionaries.


We'll eventually enjoy total war.

Hello there. Not sure about enjoying total war. Lol Common sense, normality, morality, tradition, etc., those things that are accepted and practised by the majority are hard to break, and the majority will not like it if anyone tries to destroy them; they will fight for them - rationally. Don't underestimate the silent majority. Lol


This is a tough one, as far as I know Mr. Hilter and his ilk were a group that comes around only once in a thousand years when ignorance is at it zenith in just the right population and at the right moment. But I get the idea of what is being said, it is a paradox.

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