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Anybodys thoughts on Tommy Robinson

fisherman0707 6 Mar 26

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It is good you can discuss the topic here without getting banned or termed a racist bigot.
He does make a lot of noise for a little fella!, I don't agree with all of his views or even most of them, I will however defend his right to respectful free speech, I do not believe he is racist and his treatment by the authorities is shocking, but he fights on like a lion. I hope in future he thinks before he speaks or acts and avoids incarceration. Islamic subservience is the course our leaders have chosen, it will take many more men like Mr Robinson to turn the tide. But even the strongest of tides turn.


If you will go to (top Left) and scroll down Topics to "Tags" and click that and scroll down to #TommyRobinsion you will find currently 22 posts about him.

thanks brother new to this site so just learning how to navigate


It's good that we can talk about Tommy here without the worry of censorship. I wonder if he would be interested in joining IDW Community...


Nothing like a street smart city boy to highlight what is wrong with the elite.


I love Tommy and I am so glad that he has so much support from around the world including here in Australia. His expose of the BBC was the best thing I have watched in a long time. We have Avi Yemini a proud Ozrali (Aussie/Israeli) who has just done an expose on a supposed “comedian/journalist” here in Oz. The media think they can get away with whatever they want but people like Tommy and Avi are showing us their true colours.

I follow both

@fisherman0707 same

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