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I hope to move on from the issue of firearms, however, there are a lot of emotive terms regarding firearms, a recent commenter used the term "Assault Weapons" this is a ill informed media term, when asked for a definition none was given.
The terrorist exploited a loop hole in New Zealand law that many in the shooting fraternity had warned about. That loop hole has been closed, but in a blunt manner. Hasty legislation is seldom wise.
I will never agree with government legislation that impacts thousands of law abiding citizens, regardless if it is gun related or anything else. End of story.
Thank you to everyone that has commented...

Bruck 4 Mar 26

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Assault weapons are not actual things. They are political constructs used to instill fear and garner support for government assaults on liberty.


We want to use the past as an example so not to repeat it in the future. Anti firearm laws passed in the past have led to confiscations and massive government overreaching. Not to be repetitive but most dictators have disarmed their population first then rolled their tanks for complete control. In the case of New Zealand, i don't believe they banned certain weapons because they want to attack their population but simply because they are naive, ignorant and appeasing. Its shameful that their actions will indeed only hurt their law abiding citizens.

"Its shameful that their actions will indeed only hurt their law abiding citizens." I just do not understand how they do not see this.


I too shall never agree with such legislation.

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