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The foundation of American culture and civic life is showing increasing cracks and those cracks are becoming wider. I thought it fit to re-post a previous post from March 2021:

A new political and cultural orthodoxy has been born, and is struggling to prevail. It will ultimately replace the current aging and effete culture, using force and repression as necessary to emerge preeminent. Its ultimate face can’t yet be seen in sharp relief, but its civic mythologies and symbols will bear no resemblance to those that are being rejected and that it will ultimately supplant. It will be collectivist and statist. It will constitute a rejection of hundreds of years of Western civilization and culture. The trend is now irreversible. Unity will one day return to this country, but it will be under a banner different than the American flag, and people will honor it in song in an anthem that has yet to be written. The journey to that time will be marked by considerable tribulation.

Note the bolded language above. We've seen in the news of late that the "black national anthem" will now be played prior to NFL games. We've seen that our embassies fly the "gay pride" flag. The Utah branch of BLM has pronounced the American flag as "racist" and R&B singer Macy Gray has proposed a revised flag. American culture and identity are fracturing along tribal lines. How long will it be before we are America no longer?

kszatmary 6 July 17

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