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My husband, who has quite the way with words, is not one to join online communities. So he probably won't be joining me here, but he doesn't mind if I share something that he dashed off about an hour ago . I wish I had his flare . Anywho, below is his take on The Fallout from the Mueller investigation:

Desperation is not pretty.
Unfortunately, at the moment it's kind of all the rage, on the political Left.

They are clinging to the hope that somewhere within the dark recesses of the Mueller report there lurks something, anything, anything at all that can be used against the president. Since Collusion has been definitively disproven, most of the Left are basing their hopes / their dreams / their sense of self-validation on something resembling Obstruction.

Mueller left the determination of whether there was obstruction of justice up to the Attorney General, full well knowing what his decision would be. And lo and behold, there is No Obstruction as proclaimed by Barr, and yea even Rosenstein.

But hope springs eternal. And somewhere in the labyrinthine reams of the report, somewhere between the lines, somewhere over the inane rainbow there lies the Precious...
That stray bit of information, that shadow of a doubt... that penumbra that is mightier than pen or sword that can be mobius forged in some perverse permutation to resemble something vaguely approaching verisimilitude.

So the caucus of Gollum will delve the dark, seeking that thing that will let them continue to smear the overlord that dares to commit the recurring sin of not being Hillary.

In some wise at least, it does not matter if the Precious is ever found... it is the Quest, the on-going investigation that is all.

But not all Gollums are equi-twisted. Some of those with demi-hobbit hearts search still for the Grail, that divine proof of Collusion.
Intrepid, they admit no impediment to their quest. Let the tyrant Truth stand stalwart behind his horde of Facts. This shall not stay the faithful. If they yet hold the profound belief of Collusion in their hearts, if they pray in ceaseless psalm and propaganda, then in utterance and iteration it can still be true...

Desperation. Yeah, it ain't pretty. And it ain't cheap. And it does absolutely nothing for America.

Even though the Resistance has obviously become the Denial, soldier on under that banner.
Let the oft hailed hero Hillary show you the way. List the litany of loss, chant the thousand disavowals, look everywhere for the reason for your defeat, save in the mirror.

Reaching ever further in recursive search
for myth or misinformation.
Ardent, far-fetched...
Since you've already Left
on such a dark and desperate quest
perhaps you can find Bigfoot while you're at it.

Mrs_SO 5 Mar 25

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\So the caucus of Gollum will delve the dark, seeking that thing that will let them continue to smear the overlord that dares to commit the recurring sin of not being Hillary.\
The Caucus of Gollum?? Way with words indeed! I did not vote for Cheeto Jesus, that said, I love the freak out he has caused. He has governed far more conservatively than I expected. The Caucus of Gollum ... wow. Gonna use that. Get the Bama Thorue over hear, we would be enriched by such wit.


My husband won't join as well silent but deadly with word's.


And here am I, still typing with two fingers. I bow down to the truly Great!!!!!


More please!!


Desperate people do desperate things


Very eloquent....I try, but I just tell it like it is. Good read!


If y'all keep saying such nice things... He might actually join. He says thanks.

I just might.


Beautiful, simply beautiful!!


Does your hubby publish?

He should think about it because there is a flair about how he says things that seem to indicate he's having fun

I enjoyed reading it.

No but he'd like to someday. He's got some pretty good short stories and novels and poetry, too... no I think he has quite the penchant for political banter.


My internet was down yesterday, please let your hubby know I reread the hobbit. It struck me for the first time, in several readings, that only on page 309, does of mention a female that isnt someone's mother. So curious my preciousesss, what's it got in its pocket? Anyway, enjoyed hubby's take on it immensley!


When will the left be held to account for making all this crap up? Why isn't Hillary in jail? Will MSM apologize for 2 years of pushing a false conspiracy theory?


Love it. He would probably have a lot of fun on here or Quora.


Love the way your husband frames the whole picture! Especially the part about finding Bigfoot!


A way with words indeed.

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