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Jenna Ellis, who served as a lawyer for former president Donald Trump, quit the Republican party on Monday because, she said, it doesn't support Trump enough. She made the declaration on her "Just the Truth" program on Real America's Voice.


TyKC 7 July 13

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There are only two things wrong with politics in the United States, Democrats and Republicans. When a lower middle class kid with average grades enters politics with less than $10k in the bank and retires with hundreds of millions on an upper middle class salary, there has to be some under-the-table deals involved. But when you write the laws, anything you do is made legal by your pen.


Need a new political party; the Patriot Party!!! It will battle to the death that vile New World Order and illegal alien invaders will live in dire fear of being caught and sentenced to a decade of HARD-Labor and when deported their DNA sample is on file and any return is a public hanging within 24-hours after being caught.

The unholy alliance between big business and big government will end!!!

And many many more changes against the evil entrenched within the many systems of command and control within the USA.


The Republicants are just about as useless as the Democraps. They serve themselves first, the party second and constituents a distant third. Trump comes along and upsets the cozy little system they've enjoyed for decades. 'How dare he actually does what he said he would and get things done.!..' Most of the Ds and Rs are elitists who've grifted off the public for generations. THEY created the Deep State, a vast, self-serving bureaucratic morass, to support them and thwart any outsider from challenging their power and influence. My guess is that the RNC and the DNC have each other on speed dial to quickly address threats that upstarts like Trump might pose.



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