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Strange thought. Is there a more destructive and eviler drug in the world than alcohol? Just think of all the death and despair this drug has proven to lead to for 1000s of years. Think of how many atrocities have been committed over history by drunk people. Consider all the victims of drunk people. All people, from babies to the elderly.
Hopefully part of the great awakening that is occurring (slower than it should), includes the realization that alcohol is poison for humans. Is there anyone who can claim there was no alcoholism problems in their family tree? It destroys entire communities, and not just the Native communities that our Deep State NWO Cabal will actually admit to. Alcohol is a sneaky drug. It often tastes good and it is cold, so the temptation to have one is strong. Once in your body alcohol begins to affect your mood and judgement. This issue compounds on itself with each drink until the decisions you are making are just plain evil. Then it results in you feeling or getting sick and a nice hangover the next day. Many then repeat that process every day, or just on weekends. Is alcohol the key to releasing the devil in people, I don’t know for certain, but the evidence does support that theory.
Having worked in Policing for 30 years, I saw first hand, every day, the impact of alcohol on families and communities, and I will tell you it was not pretty. I am not being judgemental folks, as I have indulged in the past and still like a couple cold beer after golf. But I try to be mindful of how this drug works so I control it instead of it controlling me.

jakuboj 7 July 10

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The CCP virus injections are worse than alcohol. Wait until fall.

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