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A cold civil war is underway in the United States and it's nothing to do with race --- It's the looney liberal woke left versus the rest of the population who don't want perverts in female spaces or men in female sports --- Basically .......... Normies with plenty of common sense

lindasteel 7 July 4

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Not going to find a better way.This Wonder Woman is the best, stood her ground and exposed (no pun intended) these mentally challenged people for what they really are.On the flip side we welcome all naked females and their genitals to invade the mens change rooms.


Dude in the white shirt needs a punch in the face that 'identifies' as a high-five.
And I don't think that's being aggressive, because I 'identify' it as being inclusive.

Sorry not from the USA whats this High Five business?

@Inspiration []


I pity the feminists who advocate for women's spaces free of male encroachment. They're stuck either compromising their principles or risk being called "Right Wing." The anti-woke are now the broadest coalition American politics has ever seen, disaffected liberals, libertarians, moderates, et al, are joining forces with [gasp] conservatives to combat the destruction of American society. The only thing they fully agree upon is resistance to the leftward lurch of the people in power.

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