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Are there any pro-choice members on here? If so, please explain your position

Williambyler 4 Mar 20

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I don't consider my self pro-choice, actually more pro-life, yet am willing to go with a womens choice up to the first trimester or until heart beat of the the fetus. My spiritual understanding is that the soul doesn't enter the body until then.
If women want absolute choice, then first they must give up being able to force a man, to support a he may not want, if she chooses to keep a , when one has all the power of choice, the other with no voice becomes a slave. IMHO

Thank you for the honest well thought out answer. I will have to think about the heartbeat, but I can see your point.


I nce was pro-choice back in my law school days but that’s because I was fully indoctrinated in leftist thought. I believed the baby was a growth or parasite and that the woman should have full say. Life experience has taught me a lot

Isn't it funny how that happens. Back to our earlier discussion about lowering the voting age.

Lol. The biggest arguement I hear for pro choice is "well it's my body". Best counter to that arguement and leave them stunned is "Well, if it's your body, why arent you the one who dies?" Response is either pure silence or unintelligible shrieking.

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