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The Jab Bioweapon

SUMMARY: Due to the nature of this post, I need to reiterate I AM NOT an anti-vaxxer. I personally take an annual flu-shot. I take an anti-pneumonia-shot. And so-on vaccines.

Vaccine Impact introduces well respected (but probably soon to be character assassinated for sharing good science) Dr. Peter McCullough who indicates the Marxist/Globalist fearmongering behind COVID-19 has a purpose to force people to be jabbed with Experimental Vaccines. Dr. McCullough calls the jab a bioweapon. READ & WATCH: []
#VaccineBioweapon #COVIDFearmongering #MarxistGlobalistControl

JohnHouk 7 June 3

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Binary Bio-Weapon If you object to what your government dose you will be given the second half.

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