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I just watched a great movie. Green Book. [] After the NZ shooter I have been feeling as though there is not so much reason to be civil anymore. But after watching this movie and thinking about how long blacks in America had to wait, be patient, remain hold to their dignity and fight only the battles they could win. Slowly gaining gain equality. It must have been so hard to remain civil through out. I will try and be a better person.

Mentalprogram 5 Mar 17

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I have not seen the movie i stopped watching Hollywood in 2000 when i knew that the pedophile stories where true. I think you might find this article interesting.

Oh I agree they are true 100% but i still watch some movies. Very few.


Yes!! favourite line from Ghandi is “I will die for peace but I will not kill for peace” my mind violence takes many forms including non-civil behaviours such as verbally demeaning people. Being clear, firm but gentle is so much harder to do than yelling and screaming.


I like your honesty. Warmest wishes.


It's an exceptional movie. I enjoyed it too.




Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this movie. Sounds like it really struck a chord. All any of us can do is try to be better.


Sounds good to me.

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