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Does anyone else think that politicians, phony scientists, and climate activists telling children they will be dead in 12 years is child abuse?

bil2276 5 Mar 15

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I think parents not teaching children to question so-called experts is child abuse.


I find it abusive, period. Such fearmongering serves no purpose except to advance agendas that, in the final analysis, have little to do with the issue at hand. It is especially abusive of those too young and inexperienced to discern for themselves what is real and what is not.


Didn't Al Gore tell us pretty much the same thing? Maybe the glaciers would all be gone or something like that... anyway...STILL HERE!


Don't forget. It is the parents doing this to their own children.


Yes, and I also think giving LGBTQ lessons to elementary-age children is child abuse.

However giving them LGT-BBQ lessons might be quite helpful.
Regardless of gender, those people are Grillin' Like A Villain!


Yes the same abuse the kids face in their lack of educational institutions, most colleges.


Not abuse, but I'd prefer to wait until they're older before explaining about adults lying to them, methods of discernment and how to deal with people in power that you disagree with. We'll see.


Especially while proselytizing said children into their Gaia worshipping cult.


Yes, but it's up to parents to shield their kids from nonsensical ideas and educate them.

I try not to shield my child from anything age appropriate. As an example, my child turns 12 this year. We've begun to talk to her as an adult, and let her hear us talk about things we would not have just a few months ago. Over the next year or two, depending on the feedback we get, we'll continue with real talk about relationships, sex, drugs, and money (budgeting, not counting pennies). My wife and I don't completely agree on when or how. But, we both agree she needs good information to make good decisions, before she gets into high school.


I understand your train of thought but is it really any different than the end of the world bs we were subjected to in the 70's, 80's and 90's with the atomic and then nuclear bomb drills. My 48 year old brother still has nightmares about that stupid "The Day After" movie he watched as a child.

did you forget the stories about the coming ICE AGE?

@Serg97 OMG yes I did! The best part is that yes, eventually the earth is going to get too hot for human habitation and also yes eventually there will be an ice age that is going to make it just as uninhabitable. We just don't know when.


Yes not really. But we are in deep, raping and despoiling the planet extremely rapidly. Not 12 years, 15.


Sources. I see these arguments, but I can't find scientific data to back then up.

@bil2276 Endless Fbook reporting species elimination, # of species lost in last...years, ocean plastic, qty plastic in fish we eat, elimination and continuous threat to BEES, pesticides killing off ... on and on. Just look at videos of certain beaches and flowing garbage rivers esp Asia and India. I tend to believe these horrors. I'm no scientist nor john on the spot.

I agree that pollution is a threat 100%. Just don't agree with the ridiculous timelines we've been getting since the 70s. We should've been extinct long ago according to Al Gore.


Not really, and it's probably best to just ignore them.

"Best to ignore them" works until they gain power and turn off your furnace in February.

@Mike9465 Why would they do that? Are you just throwing that out there because it's likely as ridiculous as the actual legislation would be?

@DomGuerilla the latter. I was actually thinking about the municipal water situation in Caracas when I wrote it, but I'm in the great white north, so I personalized it.

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