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Halfway to my goal of losing 250 pounds. I'm not an expert on weight loss or fitness, and figure that none of us likely knows everything about the subject.

Interested in hearing about your successes or failures and willing to share what I've learned losing over 125 pounds in about a year.

If there's enough interest, a Group may be in order...

Mike9465 6 Mar 13

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Wow - that's impressive! Well done.

I'm not a person who needs to lose weight. That's nothing to do with any kind of diet I follow - I'm just naturally that way - lucky I guess. However, when I retired from teaching, I had the chance to take my dogs for a 2 hour walk everyday. It wasn't a route march or anything strenuous, just everyday, rain or shine. I lost weight gradually but, I believe, safely.

So, I'm just saying that a) just walking is good, b) walking long enough regularly is also good and c) it's pleasurable so not difficult to maintain.

Small things do add up!

Good luck in your future efforts!


I haven't gotten to the point of needing to loos weaght but I have started taking my diet seriously for other reasons. I am highly sensitive to what I eat and found simplifying the ingredients very useful.

I have good quality meat and veg and suplement it with filler like rice or potato. Basicly I restrict my diet to essentials and slowly add different ingredients in as I decide how it affects me.

I have never been big on vegetables and would have agreed they weren't as necessary as people would have you believe but these days my body will not tolerate leaving them out of my meals.

Not sure how accurate this is, but I'm under the impression that spices can help your body digest the nutrients in the food better than you can on your own. I'm not the biggest fan, but turmeric is great for anti-inflammatory and a good pain killer as well as ginger. I find ground chili pepper to really help me feel full after meals.

For me taking the simple ingredients and finding what works with different spices has been a life saver. And it's expanding my awareness of what good food is, as I focuse on the effects it has on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A shift in perspective from Indulgence to systemically supplying my body with fuel has helped curb my compulsive eating. I try to think of it like a survival video game, you don't eat because it tastes good, but that doesnt mean you can't learn to enjoy the food more. I'm jaded when it comes to eating out now as it always leaves me feeling bloated and empty of substance at the same time, even with decent food.

Hope this helps, congratulations and good luck on your future progress.


First and foremost, félicitations on losing 125 pounds in one year. That is a significant accomplishment.

The most important thing I consistently see in any physical issues is that people need to address the underlying emotions that created them, which can be from early childhood experiences, as well as things we receive genetically. These are important to address in order to not regain weight later.

Wish you all the best for continued success !


Frank, I agree, the USDA food pyramid contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and who knows what else.
According to "conventional wisdom", my high fat, high protein, low carb diet over the past year should have left me fatter and sicker than ever.

Instead, I'm more alert, with lower blood pressure, and averaging 10 pounds/ month weight loss. Over 8 inches off my waist. Incredibly increased stamina, no post-meal drowsiness, no more heartburn, no "sugar crashes", and no "munchies", where you crave and crave, and never know what will satisfy, but no matter what you eat, it's not right, and not enough to make the cravings go away.

I can even miss a meal and not end up ready to gnaw my own arm off.

Have you watched “the magic pill”? It goes through the history of the USDA food pyramid and how it was developed from a flawed study. It’s on Netflix

@RsLowman I mentioned earlier in this thread that that documentary started this ball rolling.


I’m on the same journey, I need to lose 200. I just started so I’m only down 22lbs so far. Congratulations on losing 125lbs thats a huge amount. What changes have you made to accomplish this?


Congratulations, that is quite an achievement. How have you done it?


What did you eat and avoid? I want to increase my knowledge on good things to eat I have a general idea but looking up good foods will always bring up meals that are healthy but they look outside my field of cooking. Who are some people you were reading up on for general information on being more healthy.

First reference was a documentary called "The Magic Pill", outlining the problem with a food pyramid based on grains and carbohydrates.
Second, family members were having great success following the keto diet.

I've stopped eating all bread and grains, most fruit, and all pasta and potatoes, I also avoid legumes.

Instead, my wife and I eat primarily meat, cheeses, nuts, and greens, focusing on keeping my total net carbohydrate intake to 20 -25 grams per day.


Well done on your success so far! One really has to ditch information on diet that originated in the fifties, such as the government food guide. Atkins was the only workable diet in the seventies. I am currently on keto but I only have about 30-35 lbs to lose and am getting close to my target. I have not done a lot of research in the area of weight loss or health when it comes to diet. I read Atkins in the seventies and spent from then until recently bucking the trends and general consensus which was heavily based in the "fat free" ideology. The government and dietary information during the period from the fifties, all based on a false study, did nothing to accomplish what it claimed which was lowering the incidences of heart disease and obesity. Instead it exacerbated these conditions. The prevalence of simple carbs and sugars in the North American diet makes it difficult to avoid them and they do create cravings and hunger pangs if you consume them. I usually gain some weight during holiday celebrations where I don't watch what I ingest, so that is why I am on a keto diet now, after I reach my target weight I will just go on a maintenance routine.

Some aspects of diet I am curious about but haven't really researched are racial backgrounds. I have a suspicion that the white race doesn't do well on vegetarian type diets but South Asians seem to do all right.

Good luck on getting to your target!

@Mike9465 I just watched that this week! I was totally shocked and had no clue about how wrong the USDA was. Oddly enough I started a dirty lazy Keto 44 days ago and it has been very easy to follow. All of the things that I thought I would miss and crave, just didn't happen. I've had no cravings for any of my beloved breads or pasta.

@RsLowman Exactly! Sounds like you and I are on the same diet. I'm not doing any of the ketone testing or even being particularly careful with portion control.

Just walking away from the blood sugar roller coaster cured 98% of the cravings. For the rest I've substituted low-carb keto recipes.

Down 100 pounds since last June.

@Mike9465 I have test strips, but rarely use them. I do record everything on the app Carb Manager and that works well, it has a letter grade for food so you know what to stay away from. It also has a bar scanner which is very usefull for tracking your intake.

@Mike9465 Congrats on the 100lbs!!! That's a huge accomplishment!!

@RsLowman while I was huge, now I'm enormous, and looking forward to being merely gigantic.

@Mike9465 My wife is doing keto and is really happy with it. She has genetically high cholesterol, present even when she was a small child, so she just got a blood test to see what three months of keto did. Waiting for the results!

@Danielion advice I got from a surgeon turn longevity specialist, serum cholesterol doesn't come from the food you eat. It's produced by your liver in response to low Vitamin D levels. The cholesterol your liver puts into your blood turns to Vitamin D as it passes through capillaries close to the surface of your skin when it interacts with sunlight.
Ultraviolet light changes cholesterol to Vitamin D.
His remedy for high serum cholesterol was to supplement Vitamin D to slow liver production and spend as little as 15 minutes a day in the sun, preferably with arms and legs bare, with no sunscreen. Not enough exposure to risk sun damage, but enough to start breaking down cholesterol to Vitamin D.

Seems like a low impact treatment to try, and it seems logical.

  1. There's no digestive mechanism that injects the cholesterol you eat into your blood.

  2. Even at my biggest I've always spent plenty of time outdoors, plus I grew up in Wisconsin, where dairy is more important than air.

  3. My cholesterol numbers have never been high.

@Mike9465 interesting. I just told my wife. She definitely needs to be out in the sun more. I am curious to see her new numbers. I need to start exercising again. Years ago, I practiced martial arts for two hours five days a week. I felt good! That was before marriage and kids though.

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