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I have seen a prevalent theme on IDW. We all here are smart enough, we know all of the arguments. But what to do next? What direction do we go? I have some ideas on that subject, or at least a political theory that gives us on the non-far left a goal. But that will have to be a separate post.
There seems to be enough intellectual firepower on this forum to accomplish anything. Its just a matter of getting ideals and ideas turned into achievable goals. More on all of this later

The_Farseer 6 Mar 13

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As most rhetoric filters into the vernacular from U.N policy, for example, Diversity & Sustainability, I think there needs to be a redress or dissolution of the U.N.
IMO, they are nothing but a money raking mafia that holds the worlds governments to ransom via the IMF and strong-arm of NATO.
The left seem to align their beliefs of what conveniently fits Global Communism.


Well sargon started a liberalist thing. Idw is sort of a movement alreafy. Its just not that centralisled thiugh maybe this app will help with that


I think I will like this site very well. My life is filled with other interests though so can't be on here all the time. I do drop in when I can but still getting the hang of everything so give new folks like me some time to get used to everything. Thanks.


I think our weakness is lack of bullies - which seem overabundant on the other sides!

Good point. We just need to keep triggering them until they either grow up or... Whatever happens to immature dipshits that dont.


We need to organize, plain and simple. We need to be as active as the liberals who want to rule us. It.means taking work, talking to large groups, and being LOUD!

Yes, we need to organize. Absolutely.
But, has anyone else noticed that there are two distinct personality types that correlate with the two main political parties?
I feel like our character flaw in this tragedy is that we’re, overall, respectful.
AKA how do the good guys win in a corrupt world?


Maybe the question is not what should we do, but what should we be? I think people are still working this out. 🙂

A valid point, and I will try to help with both. I cannot offer solutions, I'm not that Arrogant, but if I can at least point in a good direction, that should be enough

Thats true. Though i. Not sire what we all have in common other than following certain people. For example im a center right libertarian, and diaagree with some of the tings that IDW fellas say. Like Rogan and Sargon on healthcare. But i still am a huge fan of both of them. The only central idea that we have that i can think of is free speech. Is that enou gh to build a full fledged movement on though i wonder?

@The_Farseer all we can be is 'resolute'.
Unerring in our stubbornness, not to submit to what the current Politically Correct rhetoric wishes us to think.
I think being anything else simply submits to their notion of 'identity politics'


You need to find a guy on FB named Chappy gypsy, or.myself. I am going to be as loud and annoying as possible. Sort of a conservative cmunity organizer! Paul Furrell on FB


Now that we are live for two weeks and have the basics working, we must come up with more value for our members. Love to hear your thoughts. I'll post more later.

Maybe forum chat opportunities with IDW founders?

Just don't let IDW become the very thing that necessitated it's existence. I am a heretic in the eyes of the Church, and a social deviant in the eyes of the State. I have no other place to call home. IDW is personally important to me.

@The_Farseer i think most of us are in the boat friend. Im a skeptic about everhthing so im sure IDW will sour eventually. But i honestly don't hink that will happen for quite some time. At least not until theres no more radicals to disagree with

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