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Where is freedom of speech not allowed?

kellyugwu 4 Mar 10

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To understand where it is not allowed, permitted, or accepted, one must first understand exactly what Freedom of Speech is, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, since I speak only of my knowledge as an American. Freedom of Speech is ugly and it can be foul. It's brutal, it could and should make one uncomfortable, it will anger you, and it may stir you to take action, within the confines of accepted societal standards, (i.e. the law) but most importantly, it should make one, if only temporarily, consider what is being said, and by whom. It does not mean that you are required to listen, or agree. It is the foundation for the free exchange of ideas. One cannot advocate for violence just as one cannot yell Fire! in a crowded theater. I can say that my elected official is a damn jackass from the south side of hell and I could say that I hate all white people. These examples are protected under the First Amendment. That being said, we now have several generations of Americans who have not been taught what Freedom of Speech really is, as intended by the Founding Fathers. It was meant to protect the most odious of words by the most odious of people. Words alone cannot harm or kill anyone. Since the younger generations are ignorant of this right, they choose to do violence to prevent someone they disagree with from exercising their Freedom of Speech, and these Constitutional violations are not dealt with in the manner they should be dealt with.....people should go to jail. This creates a hostile environment which, in turn, inhibits Freedom of Speech. So, where is Freedom of Speech not allowed? Anywhere the civil authorities permit violence as a reaction to words. This occurs all too frequently on our college campuses, and in large, liberal enclaves such as Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Chicago to name a few. We call these people Snowflakes primarily because any resistance to their ideas, and their Freedom of Speech, melts them into violence, or tears.


Anywhere you can expect retaliation when you say something deemed by some to be objectionable. Not debated or chastised but actively sought out for retribution.


Twitter, Facebook, the UK, Canada and more countries will follow. The U.S will be the last to fall unless something is done, so share this IDW community out there and tell your friends.


Twitter, Facebook, Google.


The court of law. And whatever buildup to that point. When your words can cause a lifethreatening or terrifying condition. In family homes. At church, synagogue and mosque. Throughout primary education.


Well here in the uk. My goodness, a week or two ago a man was contacted by the police because he 'liked' a limerick about transgenders.


In the US it's located in the weak who are afraid to be challenged as individuals


Freedom of speech is pretty much dead in the UK; we have "hate speech laws". A big mistake.


We no longer have freedom of speech. The p.c culture has stifled our creativity and anything that came with the first amendment. We have swapped liberty for peoples feelings


Just about anywhere, that's how I got here. Someone from the #walkaway FB group told me about this site. And that FB group is a closed group which to me defeats the purpose of free speech like "free speech zones", remember when those started appearing?


At most work places, in schools and colleges, on Facebook,Twitter,etc and in Hollywood.


Freedom of speech is increasingly endangered on many of our college campuses. Any opinions that disagree with leftist agendas are frequently shouted down and ridiculed. Time and again when conservative speakers are booked, such bookings are subsequently cancelled by liberal faculty and student bodies. In some cases, conservative speakers withdraw their engagements in the face of threats of violence. This is an alarming trend, as our young people who are not exposed to balanced ideas are ill prepared to face the problems of the future.

Thanks very insightful


I think a more pertinent question would be "where is freedom of speech allowed?"


"not allowed" is a key phrase here as it could range from violation of public norms to requiring your death. Try saying that you're an atheist in an Islamic country (e.g., it's ILLEGAL to be atheist in Egypt [] ). In the Western countries, there are growing social prohibitions of stating your opinions if they are not ones shared by the far Left. Must there be a law to state that some opinions are illegal for there to be a violation of free speech?

This helped thanks


It would not be wise to question any part of the "official" version of the Holocaust in Canada or in any country in Europe or in Israel.

Criticism of Islam is now suddenly a "hate crime" in much of England, and definitely a serious criminal offense in Islamic countries.

Criticism of communism is not allowed in North Korea, Cuba, or China.

Conservative views are constantly silenced all over the U.S.

In the UK, there seems to be a gradual reintroduction of blasphemy laws - but only for Islam! You can say what you like about Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or any others and nobody bats an eyelid! Nobody gets attacked as Christianaphobe!


On some certain social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, in some countries free speech is banned, middle eastern countries.

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