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[] WHAT PANDEMIC? The charade is over. As these graphics show, the world has been subject to an elaborate marketing scheme perpetrated by billionaires, drug companies, NGOs like the World Health Organisation, greedy salesmen posing as elected representatives and all their mandarins, officers and lackeys, ‘just following orders’, too scared for their jobs to actually protect the people in their care and do the duty they believed they were once signing up for.Millions know the truth. They’ve done their own research and learned obvious, evident deceptions about the ‘covid-19 pandemic’ such as the lack of any annual death spike shown here on the left, but many still feel pressured by engineering and communitarian virtue signalling to accept that the genuine long term health of the nations and especially our children is far more important than personal short-term considerations. Dozens of health workers, police and others have wanted to ‘whistle blow’ to The Light, but are too afraid for their jobs to be named. This should speak volumes in itself as to exactly the kind of regime we are already living

ajhilder 7 May 8

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