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Has President Trump launched his own platform? Check out "From the Desk of Donald Trump": []

I have signed up to get the updates. I'm looking forward to hearing from him regularly.

KeithThroop 8 May 4

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he'll need a lot more than "his own platform" - above all else he'll need his own political party. To the Dems and the Repubes and really to the Libertarians I believe Trump is Kryptonite.
Also I don't like saying it but if it looks like Trump is going to re-emerge in any significant way on the US body politic someone will probably shoot him.

As much as I liked Trump as President, I think running in 2024 is a bad idea. To your point, not only would it be treacherous for him personally, but things would get uglier than we've ever seen, and that's pretty ugly. Unfortunately, the Republican party is a mess, having pretty much no identity at all, which leaves a sizable void for someone like Trump to fill. Am I pessimistic about our immediate future? Absolutely.


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