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"Only in America can a mostly black city, run by a black mayor, with black cops be accused of systemic racism … against black people."
— Steven Crowder, May 1, 2015

As you think about and discuss the much-publicized issue of rampant systemic racism in America, take a few moments to contemplate where the racism actually stems from. When you start paying attention, you'll see that both accusations and documented instances occur primarily in Democrat-run cities. If people were serious about eliminating, or at least reducing, racism in America, they'd vote the Democrats out of office in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Washington DC, etc. Unfortunately, many people prefer protesting over implementing real solutions.

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Some goofy TWOT was going on and on in another "blog" and I mentioned this: Look at ghettos (i.e., not run down slums, just collections of like-minded neighbors, think Chinatown) in NYC. There is one over there populated by blacks descended from US slaves and totally bought into the urban black culture (e.g., single Mom, rap music, gangs, etc). It is a Hell hole -- kinda like south Chicago. Over there is a ghetto populated by equally black folk but their ancestors were ex-slave immigrants from places like Haiti. Nuclear families, family-owned businesses, really hostile to gangs. OK, if the "institution" of NYC is racist, against folk with black skins, how come the two ghettos are so radically different? Mebbe because the immigrants wanted to come to America because they knew it was a great place and once here they treated it as such -- a Gawd given opportunity? These are two black cultures in the same area subject to the same discrimination. But, one is a total failure and the other an overwhelming success by any measure. Culture matters. And, before the civil rights acts of way back when (i.e., they incented single Mom families) the home-grown black neighborhoods were doing even better than white ones. But, laws passed by the Democrats ruined that. IMHOpinion, by design -- to keep them "on the plantation", so to speak.


”If people were serious about eliminating, or at least reducing, racism in America ...”

There’s really nothing much to eliminate, except the opportunity to perpetuate racial divide in a nation whose citizenry of all races enjoys a prosperity that’s still the envy of the world. And for that, yes, voting Democrats out would help. Heck, we might even be able to regain the equality of all people instead of the Marxist equity that’s taken its place.


The new Democrat rally cry replaces MAGA with "MARA" - Make America Racist Again.

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