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Tommy Robinson facing prison again after attorney general decides to recharge him for original contempt of court offence. This decision was made around the same time he was removed from social media under bogus charges. Multiple media outlets have since attacked him now his ability to defend himself has been limited and now the authorities are attempting to put the final nail in. The collusion involved here is frightening. The lengths gone to is something out of a movie. Everyone should keep a close eye on this.

AntChorlton 3 Mar 7

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I think there is a lot more behind the headlines; everyone who has been following Tommy Robinson must be wondering if the British establishment is trying to get him killed while in prison again - yes, AGAIN. For those who are not familiar with Tommy Robinson, I recommend that you read the following article:
I also agree with Douglas Murray in the following YouTube video.

I am a big fan of Douglas Murray, always a brave interlectual voice of reason, It was good to hear Douglas say he doesn't agree that Tommy Robinson is a racist, we need heavy weights like Douglas to fight for truth and freedom of speech. He reminds me of the late great Christopher Hitchens.


He is making it easy for the authorities to shut him down because he keeps breaking the law. He needs better advice to get his points across. His prosecution for contempt of court was an open and shut case. If you call yourself a journalist you have to know the laws surrounding court reporting. It's Module 1 of any journalistic course. He was found guilty of contempt in early 2018 and warned that any further breach would result in his arrest. He subsequently livestreamed outside a court and in so doing was found to be in contempt of court by identifying some defendants in yet another 'grooming gangs' case. He was jailed accordingly. This identifying of defendants put the prosecution's case in serious jeopardy; it nearly led to the case collapsing and these guilty men walking free. There were some irregularities in the subsequent legal process which led to Robinson's jailing and so he was freed on condition pending a legal review. The case has now been reviewed and he is to be retried. This, whether we like it or not, has been a fair legal process and it has been done by the book.

I'm amazed that anyone can be content with the treatment of TR. He has already spent 13 months in prison, with 2.5 months in solitary confinement--for "contempt of court". That is purely ridiculous. "Contempt of court" or non-violent actions should have a maximum jail time of a few days and a monetary fine. This is ideological punishment aimed at anyone who exposes Muslim crime.


Just watched Tommys latest video, he is being stitched up again, I don't know how much fight he has left in him when the whole corrupt establishment is trying to bring him down, I am ashamed of my country for being so cowardly and unjust..


Will certainly do.

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