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Tried to post this pic on FB only to be told I was in violation of FBs terms of service. Seems FB are afraid of any narrative they don't control. They are cowards.

MrBogus007 5 Apr 26

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I added this on FB one day before and they said nothing?


Now even though I have not been banned from FB I am having trouble getting the FB app to work on my phone. Coincidence I wonder???


My uncle just found a desinfectant from 1960s. Works for comen flu, corona virus, etc. Sad to see the media and politicians to neither see historic, scientific or social problems in what the do, do and what they plan to do. Well they (politicians) won't suffer the consequences. No they get pension in the 100 thousands. I am not so sure about the media, but they've proven an uncanny ability in having the truth twisted. No I'm wrong. It's just their truth.
I wouldn't say anything, if only they wouldn't put a metaphorical muzzle on anyone who disagrees, even if their professors or scientists of high (previous) recognition. No they had to kill their careers or make them "mundtot" (engl. mouth death), therfore silence them...

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