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My friend works in a joke shop. The shop has a number of custumes on display. One of them is a black female fat suit. Local student justice warriors complained to my friend saying it was racist and asked to see the owner. Enter the owner a big black guy. He says it was not racist and refused to take it down. Over the next few days the students "mobilised" with media coverage and the costume was slashed. The ruined costume is no longer displayed. My friend has been called a nazi, been threatened and punched at a music venue.

What are your opinions on this?

CraigHemburrow 2 Mar 3

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Whoever ruined the costume, the shop owner could take the individual to court, no? To me, it isn't a political issue, it's simply a crime, i.e. he suffered damage to his property.


Emotional self-righteousness is usually always wrong.


An armed society is a polite society.


Sounds like the police should be informed of such...


Totally missed an opportunity. Should've said that they could remove the offending outfit by paying for it. Currently on sale for twice its price. Then he could badger them for being all talk. I guess he can the Nazi party with Ben Shapiro. Just what will we call real nazis?


You no a little rasisum is good it makes your skin thick and character a little stronger it's sad when people grew up hearing racism is such a bad thing it's racism that made me laugh my ass off when my friends of different nationalities would cut me down for my whiteness I See throughness cose im clear it was so much fun making fun of each other for our differences but now you say anything about somebody's difference and holy crap somebody wants to kill you I wonder how that makes my beaner schnitzel daughter feel lol don't worry people she know she is I told her if she grew up


Fight BACK. Through the media, online, wherever he can. Bring charges for them damaging the costume. Turning the other cheek with these people.doesnt work, it just gets you smacked with a bike lock when you aren't looking.

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