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Hope you have a big enough heart to laugh with me, American folks!

Non-Americans Are Sharing What Surprised Them Most When Visiting The US

Naomi 8 Apr 18

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When appearance is more important than the original purpose.


Portion size is a strange thing. No restaurant portion was big enough for my 12 to 35 year old self, and now my wife and I share most out food meals with maybe an extra side dish. Last night we actually shared a single eight ounce hamburger and had some fries left over.

She would kick my ass if I ever presumed to select a gun for her, and pink? She'd shoot me.

Hello there. My experience of America is only the holiday (vacation) I had in Hawaii many years ago, but I still remember that at a KFC, the lady who served me said "You're tiny, so I suggest that you have a small coke." I was still shocked by the size of "small coke". Lol


From the header and piccies I assume that you are implying that furriners found the idea of pink handguns funny. I agree. That is weird. When buying a first gun for my wife in 2019 I sought like 'Ell to get a pink one. No such luck, backorder for ages. A potential downside to the off-normal color schemes is that the TWOT staring down the barrel might assume it is a tazer. Oopsie! Surprise, this is gonna hurt a heck of a lot more than that -- iff you decide to back off after the first round.

Hello there. I think I'm right in saying that buying a gun for one's wife or even for one's daughter is beyond Brits' comprehension. Lol Have you read the article? I find it funny.

@Naomi My wife is petite. Nonetheless, combative. When BLM/Antifa/other terrorist thug groups were getting hyper in our area I suggested expanding gun access to a pistol for her. She was OK. When the aforementioned groups started marching, burning, and looting within 2 blocks of house (coppers just watched) I got serious on gun shopping. Her semi-auto works out quite well. She's even pretty cool with it on the shooting range. With 10 rounds in the clip, it will take down anything smaller than a moose. Even Ca law is OK with such protection inside the house.
AS to the article, yeah LOL. I am surprised about the pledge of allegiance bit. I was unaware that any school still did that. I did when I was a kid and was OK with it. It has been discontinued in most places as many teachers are anti-American culture in many respects. Which is sad -- for them.
Back to gun culture, don't forget that our ancestors fought, died, and killed to become free from a Guv'mt we could no longer tolerate. The 2nd amendment is also not a right given to us by new Guv'mt. It is a recognition from new Guv'mt that all humans have a basic right to self defense -- by any means necessary. Guns are essential to ensure that self defense and to protect us against another intolerable Guv'mt. Think of it as the oath a soldier or a copper takes to obey orders from a superior -- unless those orders are illegal. If they are, the S/C has an obligation to disobey. That is sorta why there is a 2nd amendment. If the Guv'mt tries to oppress, we have an obligation and the ability to fight back -- whatever it takes, as far as is necessary.

@bobbo666 A very American way of thinking!

@Naomi You implied you were a Brit. Wherefrom? Accent doesn't carry over into text. Uhh, don't mean to imply I could recognize if it did. My fiance' lived near London for 3 years back in early 80's. So, I got to visit often (from Texas) and we traveled all over the place. Had a grand time.

@bobbo666 I live in Plymouth, Devon, famous for The Mayflower Steps, from which the Pilgrims are believed to have finally left England aboard the Mayflower, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to settle in North America on 6 September 1620. 🙂

@Naomi Cool thanks for replying. Any of your relatives on the boat? My folks came over in ~1840ish. I do know that one of my grands fought for the North in the civil war 20 years later. Past that I got no idea.


Howdy @Naomi,

America's gun culture started when we were a handful of struggling settlements on the east coast. The wilderness started when you stepped out of your door.

When I was in high school, guys would bring their guns to school during deer season and hunt in the hills out back after school.

This weekend we went to a (much delayed) nephew's wedding celebration.That afternoon the groom machined out an trigger block on a AR lower receiver.

I fit in to all this naturally because I served in the Marines and we all worship rifles... ain't it strange.

Hi there. Hunting is also cultural tradition in the UK. Fox hunting is probably the best known one although hunting real foxes in the traditional manner has been banned from the perspective of animal cruelty. One of my neighbours goes game shooting with his dogs every year. Deer hunting is also common. The UK gun control laws are very strict but one can still own one provided that they have a license. Handguns were banned for most purposes after the Dunblane school massacre in 1996.

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