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Trump Administration To End Criminliaztion Of Homosexuality Globally.

RickKnight1 5 Feb 19

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This should be a states issue.

I would love to agree with you, however the U.N. and multiple countries along with progressives political pundits, journalists and civilians call out Israel for bogus human rights violations. Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean Islands have violated human rights on a grand scale and now it’s a states issue!

@RickKnight1 Who cares about all that malarky? We live in the UNITED STATES. It should be a states issue. I don't want Trump (even though, I voted for him and God bless him) telling me who my state can and can't jail for sodomy. That's just not the American way. I'm sure Rubin would agree. States rights!!!


I want everyone to be able to love who they love freely. I don't think it's our business to tell other countries what to do.


Amazing development. Goes to show that all the cries of bigotry from the regressives were meaningless


I'm not calling anyone Zerm!

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